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Information for Donors

Donors are advised to contact the Archivist, in the first instance, to discuss potential deposits to the Archives.

The Archives systematically collects records created by Queen Mary, University of London, and its predecessor bodies, Queen Mary College and Westfield College. 

The Archives also welcomes external donations of archival material. Full details are available in the Collections Development Policy (download Archives Collection Development Policy document [PDF 134KB]).

The Archives will consider donations of archival material which:

  • Relate to individuals connected to Queen Mary, University of London and its predecessor bodies
  • Artefacts, memorabilia and records reflecting the history and prehistory of Queen Mary, University of London and its predecessor bodies

On a more selective basis the Archives will accept donations of archival material with academic relevance to:

  • The historical and cultural milieu of its predecessor bodies
  • Areas of historic and future relevance to research and teaching

The Archives does not systematically collect the following:

  • The records and other material of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Copies of original materials
  • Press cuttings collections
  • Personal libraries

Other limitations may apply when considering a potential donation. Unfortunately the Archives is unable to accept all gift offers.

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