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Author tools

Some of the tools available to aid you as an author

Getting your work published is about more than getting your work “in print”, it’s about showcasing your research outside of the published literature, stimulating discussion with your scholarly peers and identifying potential collaborators in your field.

Managing your online presence is important. It’s probably the first impression formed by a potential employer, collaborator or reviewer. Building your research profile maximises the visibility of your research outputs and can help demonstrate your expertise and research interests. This is especially important when you're starting your academic career.

Managing your research identity helps to safeguard your research profile and ensure you are properly credited for your work. As your research career develops you will most likely move posts and change institutions. A unique researcher identifier, such as ORCID, will move with you across institutions, ensuring continuity of identity across your academic career and disambiguates you from other researchers with the same or similar names making it easier for others to find your research.

Open Research Services provides information in this section about some of the more popular tools available to aid you as an author. We also list some ways in which you can join the discussion about new developments in the field of scholarly communication.

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