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Stand out from the crowd with an ORCID iD

An ORCID iD aims to solve the name ambiguity problem in research by creating a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers and enable linking between ORCID and other researcher ID schemes. These identifiers can be linked to the researcher's output enhancing the scientific discovery process and improving the efficiency of research funding and collaboration within the research community.

What is an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD is a unique researcher identifier which can be added to your research outputs to ensure that your work is easily distinguished from that of other researchers. Your ORCID profile is managed by you and can be linked to a range of information including publications, grants and employment history. Your ORCID iD stays with you throughout your career even if you change institutions. ORCID is becoming an international standard with over 1.5 million ORCID iDs registered worldwide.

At Queen Mary we recognise the benefits of an ORCID iD and recommend its use by our researchers.

Why should I get an ORCID iD?

  • Your ORCID iD disambiguates you from other researchers with the same or similar names worldwide making it easier for others to find your research.
  • An ORCID iD will move with you across institutions, ensuring continuity of identity across your academic career.
  • You will easily be able to keep track of and report on your research outputs to funders, publishers and institutions.
  • An increasing number of publishers and research funders are using ORCID as a way for researchers to identify themselves when submitting publications or grant bids.‌ From August 2015 you will need an ORCID iD for grant applications to the Wellcome Trust and UK Research and Innovation are currently investigating ORCID integration with their systems.

Where can I use an ORCID iD?

  • At Queen Mary, researchers with an ORCID iD are asked to record this information in MyHR. This will be used for returns to HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency).
  • You can link other identifiers to your ORCID account. Both Researcher ID and Scopus Author ID are ORCID compliant.
  • arXiv allows you to link your ORCID iD with your arXiv account.
  • You will now need an ORCID iD for grant applications to the Wellcome Trust.
  • With systems of over 150 members including publishers, funders and research management tools.

How do I get an ORCID iD?

You can register for an ORCID iD at

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