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Library Services

Work Placements Policy

Student & Academic Services is committed to supporting Queen Mary University of London’s employability agenda and the University’s work in widening participation and raising the educational aspirations of members of the local community.  One way this can be achieved is to accommodate requests for work experience and placements within Library Services.

These requests fall into several categories:

Requests from staff from other libraries who wish to widen their experience or professional knowledge

This can be mutually beneficial, and as long as both parties have clear objectives and the needs of the requester can be met without compromising services, placements can be arranged for a maximum of two weeks.

Requests from QMUL students and alumni

Library Services advertises shelving and other temporary jobs to current students. It is preferable that students have access to recognisable, paid jobs. However, short term work shadowing may be arranged for a maximum of two weeks. Library Services will provide a training plan that enables the student to experience a range of library work but does not adversely affect the work of the Department.

Requests from QMUL researchers and students to carry out research based in Library Services

These should be discussed with the relevant Library staff and, if appropriate, the research supervisor so that the aims and timescales of the project are clear and the support required can be planned. Work done as part of a research project will not be paid unless the research has been commissioned by Library Services.

Requests from non-QMUL students intending to take a degree in Information & Library Studies

These would only be agreed in exceptional circumstances and would operate as in 2 above. Library Services does not offer paid or unpaid graduate trainee places.

Requests from school pupils

Library Services participates in activities to familiarise local school students with University facilities in support of our Educational Liaison and Widening Participation programme. Requests for short periods of work experience (1-2 weeks) should be agreed with the requesting school, subject to a risk assessment and suitable insurance. Should both parties be in agreement, a training plan should be produced that meets the educational requirements of the School.

Click on the icon for a Risk Assessment Template – Employment of Children and Young Persons on QMUL Premises 

Other requests 

Library Services does not offer work experience in any other circumstances. The Department does not employ unpaid volunteers or interns.

Library Services will accept a maximum of 3 placements, each for a maximum of two weeks (or 10 days if the days are not contiguous), during the course of the academic year.  This applies across all the different placement types, i.e. QMUL and non-QMUL staff and students.


For more information and to enquire about the availability of a placement, please contact Library Services by emailing

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