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Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists Online is a web-based system designed to manage reading lists through a single online application.

  • It gives academics the ability to create, manage, and maintain lists using simple drag and drop functions, and to make these lists available to students
  • It gives academics the ability to add digitised content to their lists and carries out a series of checks to ensure copyright compliance;
  • It provides students with easy access to relevant lists, and to materials on those lists, through links to the Library catalogue, electronic books and journals, and other resources;
  • It allows Library staff to review lists, acquire materials to resource these lists, and ensure that materials are accurately described and discoverable.

Please see our RLO In-Depth Guide 1.1 [PDF 1,871KB] for step by step instructions for getting started with RLO. This will guide you from creating a new reading list to embedding your completed list on QMplus, and includes a full explanation of the review process.

For further information and training please contact

Requesting digitisations

You can now request accessible, copyright compliant scans of print material held in either Mile End Library or Whitechapel Library directly via Reading Lists Online.

  • Bookmark the item from the library catalogue and add to your reading list.
  • Find the item in your list and select Request Digitisation from the menu on the right of the item.
  • Fill out the details of the section to be scanned. You can request one full chapter or up to 10% of the publication, whichever is greater.
  • Add module information include student numbers
  • Submit your name and QMUL email address.

Your request will be automatically checked for copyright compliance and referred to library staff. Books will be sent from the Library to The Copy Shop on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to send books which are on one day loan for scanning if there is only one copy on the shelf. The completed scan will be attached to your reading list item and you will receive an email notification when this process is complete. Library staff will contact you if any further information is required.

For a full step by step guide to digitisation requests, and information about providing your own scans, please see the RLO In-Depth Guide 1.1 [PDF 1,871KB].

Requesting reviews

If there are books on your reading list the library does not provide access to, you can submit your list for review. Library staff will check all books and book chapters on your list and purchase ebooks where possible, and contact you about any further information required. Reviews will not cover journal articles or any other formats such as videos or free online content. If there is a journal article on your reading list that the library does not have access to, please submit a digitisation request and we will obtain a copyright-cleared copy where possible.

Full details of the review process can be found in the RLO In-Depth Guide 1.1 [PDF 1,871KB].

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