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DOIs and ISBNs

As part of the library service at Queen Mary University of London we can offer the creation of ISBN’s for items authored by Queen Mary affiliated authors. We can also create DOI’s for items published under the banner of, and authored by Queen Mary affiliated authors.

What is an ISBN or DOI?


A International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifier for books and other similar materials. The ISBN is used to easily identify a specific edition of an item, making it more discoverable, and easier to locate within bibliographic databases. An ISBN can be used for a number of outputs included books, individual chapters, or pamphlets. Allocating an ISBN to your output will enable libraries to correctly list and identify your output correctly, and help readers to find your work more easily.


A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a permanent digital identifier that provide an easily accessible link to an items digital location. Adding a DOI to your work makes your output and associated metadata more discoverable, easier to cite, and share with a wider audience. DOI’s can be used for many outputs including journal articles, conferences proceedings, reports, and software. Also an increasing number of funders are requiring their funding recipients to create a data management plan, and the addition of a DOI to a dataset can help facilitate the compliance of a funder’s policy requirements.

If you are unsure whether a ISBN or DOI is right for your research output, or would just like to talk to us about the creation of an ISBNs or DOIs please email us at

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