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Improve your assignments by getting fast, detailed, and personalised feedback on your drafts. All online and available 24/7 through Studiosity, provided by Queen Mary Library Services 

24/7 writing support

Access Studiosity

Get same-day feedback on your draft, or chat live for instant feedback on your assignments. 

It does not matter which school or faculty you belong to - the service is available to all students. 

You can get feedback at any point while preparing your assignment, whether you want feedback on your initial plan or whether you are nearly ready to submit and want some advice on the draft.  

Connect with a Studiosity specialist to access the following support activities: 

  • A live tutoring session where you can get immediate support with your maths, writing or referencing question.
  • Submit your essay/paragraph for comprehensive feedback and receive feedback within 8 hours.

Proven to have a positive effect on student success, the Studiosity service gives you the help you need, whenever you need it, 24/7. 

How to access Studiosity

  • Login via QMPlus
  • Mobile App for Apple and Android - Only available after setup through QMplus

How to use Studiosity

  • Submit drafts of assignments or sections of your drafts for review by a Studiosity specialist. The tutor will then provide you with a marked-up version of your original work within 8 hours. 
  • Have a live, 1:1 discussion with a specialist about your assignment online through the Studiosity portal.  Connect live sessions have a maximum length of 20 minutes. 

You will receive 10 interactions for Studiosity each academic year. An interaction is taken when using either the writing feedback service or when using a connect live session and they will not reset again until the beginning of the following academic year, so be sure to use your interactions wisely and for your own Queen Mary related assignments/pieces of writing only. There is a box on the bottom left-hand side of your account which will help you keep track of your interactions. 

Still not sure? Watch this video for an overview on Studiosity before you use it. 

Some members of the Academic Skills Team are able to access information from Studiosity. They may be able to see:

  • Your submitted assignments
  • The feedback Studiosity has provided
  • The number of users of the service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the access to information, please contact


Please see the FAQ section for Studiosity below.

We will be updating this section based on feedback and user queries. As Studiosity is still within its first year at Queen Mary, these may be updated frequently.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question within the FAQ section, please contact 

What can Studiosity not do?

Studiosity does not provide answers based on the content of your work nor does not know the assessment criteria or information about the assignment. 

You will only be given general advice from the Studiosity advisers and they will not change any of your work, but rather will advice you on where potential changes should be made. 

How many times can I use Studiosity?

All students can use Studiosity up to ten times per academic year. Each use is called an 'interaction'. Once the ten interactions are used up, they will not reset again until the beginning of the following academic year, so be sure to use your interactions wisely and for your own Queen Mary related assignments/pieces of writing only.

You can view the number of interactions you have left for the academic year on the left side of your Studiosity account. 

What is an interaction?

An interaction is the term used by Studiosity when you use the service. 

When you use either the Writing Feedback or the Connect Live services, this is considered an 'interaction.' 


Is this similar to Turnitin?

Studiosity is not the same as Turnitin nor are the two systems linked. Studiosity is designed to help you to improve your academic skills and references are checked in a general way as part of the service, with links provided to Queen Mary referencing tools. It does not explicitly check for instances of plagiarism but it might flag up areas where you need to citing your sources more carefully.

Does this count as an official submission for my assignment?

Submitting an assignment to Studiosity does not constitute a formal submission of your assignment. To formally submit your assignment, you must follow the instructions set in your programme guide.

Will my tutors and lecturers know I use the service?

No. They will not know that you have used the service as they do not have access. However, you are more than welcome to bring any feedback that you've received from Studiosity to your tutors, advisors or members of the academic skills team to obtain further guidance on how you can improve your writing skills. 


Can I share the feedback from Studiosity with my tutor?

Yes. We highly recommend it. 

Studiosity is a service to assist you generally with your academic writing or academic questions, however your tutors, lecturers and other academic staff will have the best understanding of your assignment.

Is it cheating to use Studiosity?

No! Studiosity is endorsed by Queen Mary University and we encourage everybody to use the service. Studiosity will aid you and assist with academic writing or academic questions. 

Signposting to other University services

Studiosity may send information to the Academic Skills Team that relate to your submission. If this happens, there is nothing to worry about. You may be contacted by a member of the Academic Skills Team who will signpost workshops or sessions that may be of interest to you based on the feedback provided by Studiosity (i.e. referencing).

This information is not shared with tutors or module leaders, and it is up to you whether you follow the advice provided to you.

In the event of someone disclosing information that raises concerns about their wellbeing, the QM Wellbeing team will be alerted. 

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