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Library Services

Risk Assessments

Each library and library-managed space has had a general risk assessment to ensure that we have taken into consideration health and safety.


Mile End Campus 

Archives and Special Collections Risk Assessment [PDF 275KB] (approved 10/06/2021)

Canalside Risk Assessment [PDF 183KB] (approved 07/09/2021)

Graduate Centre 7th Floor Risk Assessment [PDF 194KB] (approved 07/09/2021)

Hive Risk Assessment [PDF 138KB] (approved 07/09/2021)

Mile End Library Risk Assessment [PDF 231KB] (approved 07/09/2021)


Whitechapel Campus

Whitechapel Risk Assessment [PDF 176KB] (approved 07/09/2021)


West Smithfield Campus

West Smithfield Library Risk Assessment [PDF 224KB] (approved 07/09/2021)

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