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Library Services

Vision and mission

 The mission of Library Services is to share information widely. We:

  • Enable students’ success by providing access to core information resources at the point of need, enhancing digital literacy skills and managing a range of welcoming study spaces
  • Facilitate world-class research through curating unique and distinctive collections, supporting the production and dissemination of scholarly literature, and participating in the provision of the skills and spaces required for independent research
  • Open minds to new possibilities, by creatively using our collections, spaces and people to engage individuals and groups with learning and research in new and unexpected ways

Our underpinning values are:

  • Embracing diversity in everything that we do
  • Working to a high standard of ethics and professionalism
  • Working for the public good
  • Caring for one another’s wellbeing
  • Working to provide access for the whole Queen Mary community
  • Working from a deep understanding of the individuals within the Queen Mary community
  • Collaborating productively with university colleagues, the local community, and the world at large

 Currently, we support the success of Queen Mary University of London by providing:

  • The understanding and skills to discover, access, and re-use information well: for learning, for teaching, for research and for life
  • Helpful, knowledgeable and professional staff, available at the point of need
  • A wide range of spaces for study and research, open for very long hours
  • An integrated collection of physical and online information resources
  • A point of access to a national and international network of libraries and archives, including Senate House Library, University of London
  • Critical support for Queen Mary’s submission to the Research Excellence Framework
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