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Revise Well

We have lots of information, resources and events to help you tackle your revision efficiently and effectively

Revising for exams can be tough. Which is why we have a variety of resources to support you in your revision and help you achieve the best you can in your exams. 

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Revise Well Workshops

Throughout the exam period we'll be running a number of workshops, looking at what works and what doesn't work when it comes to revision, thinking about how to approach essay questions in exams, and talking about how to manage your revision time effectively.

Each workshop will take place via QMPlus at 12pm, on the following dates:

13th December

16th December

20th December

6th January

10th January

Bookings now open! Click here to sign up.

Skills guides

These guides can help you think about how to revise and how to tackle your exams.

Effective Revision

How should you plan the time you have available for revision? What techniques can you use to make sure you're using that time effectively?

Effective Revision [PPT 5,745KB]

Writing Essay Questions in Exams

How can you make sure you're answering the question in an essay-based exam? What are some good ways of planning an answer?

Writing Essay Questions in Exams [PPT 2,489KB]


How do you avoid highlighting everything that you read? How can you make your notes more selective and useful for revision and coursework?

Note-making [PPT 1,106KB]

Time Management

What are the best ways of managing your time at university? How should you balance the various tasks you have to do?

Time Management [PPT 5,613KB]

Exam Support Resources

Check out our podcasts and other resources

Take a look

Study Well

For more information on all the events taking place across campus during the exam and revision period, take a look at the Study Well pages of the QMSU: