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Library Services


When are the Libraries open?

Check the Opening Hours page to find out our opening times.

I'm not a Queen Mary student/researcher/member of staff. Can I use the Library?


For further information on your particular circumstances, please go to the Access and Membership page and choose the appropriate heading.

How do I find my Library Services barcode?

  • If you have collected your student/staff ID card, your Library Services barcode is printed on the front (the number printed below the barcode it is the barcode number)
  • Students can also find their barcode number by logging into MySIS

How do I find out my PIN?

  • Your Library Services account PIN is set automatically, if you do not know what it is, you can reset it
  • To reset your PIN go to the PIN request page and enter your Library Services barcode number; a reset link will be sent to you

Do I have to return books to the Queen Mary Library I borrowed them from?

  • One Week Loan books may be returned to any Queen Mary Library.
  • They will be cleared from your Library record when you return them.
  • Any fines due may be paid at any library.
  • Other items must be returned the library from which they were borrowed.

Do I need to bring my books into the Library to renew them?

Not always. You will not be able to renew items yourself if:

  • you have fines of £10.00 or over
  • a hold has been placed on the item
  • the item is a One Day Loan from the Teaching Collection. Please bring this to the Welcome Desk for renewal.

Items can be renewed using either:

  • the Renew option on the Self-Service Kiosks in the Libraries.
  • the Renew Loans option in the Self Service area of the Library website
  • the QMUL app for mobile devices. Search for QMUL App on your device's app store.

You will need your College ID/Library card and library PIN to use self-service renewals.

Can books be returned when the Libraries are closed?

Yes, Mile End and West Smithfield Libraries have book return bins outside the Library which can be used to return books when the Library is closed.

How much will the fine be on my overdue item?

Fines are charged at £1.00 per day per item.

To protect you from large fines building up, fines on each item will not exceed £10.00. We will contact you when the item is 1 day (£1), 5 days (£5) and 10 days (£10) overdue.

We also charge fines if Inter-Library Loan items become overdue.

Can I still borrow items if I have a Library fine I have not yet paid?

Yes, up to a limit of £10 worth of fines.

Once you reach this amount, you will need to pay off your fines before you can borrow any further items from the Library.

How many books/other items can I borrow?

The overall limits for borrowing are:

  • 40 items for undergraduates and associate students
  • 40 items for taught postgraduates
  • 40 items for research postgraduates and staff
  • 6 items for external borrowers and NHS library users

For further details please visit our Borrowing Basics page.

How long can I borrow videos and DVDs for?

Videos and DVDs are one day loans. This means they must be returned at any time on the day after borrowing.

I've forgotten my Library card. Can I borrow items?

No. You must have your Library card to be able to borrow.

How do I pay library fines?

You can make a card payment on-line at Pay your library fines

Alternatively, fines can be paid in the library at the self-service kiosks using your Queen ID/Library card by selecting the ‘Pay Fines’ option.

How do I top-up my print credit?

Print credit is topped up using your QM iPay account, which is also used for fines payment, wireless printing and photocopying.

Your QM iPay account can be credited online using the QM iPay Webcentre.

What do I need to access the PCs in the Library?

IT Services provide workstation PCs and printers in all Library services buildings.

To access these services you will need a student services account:
  • Undergraduates and taught postgraduates you should be given your username during the registration process. If not, visit IT Services Help Desk, Room W209, Queens Building, Mile End.
  • Research Postgraduates and Staff, contact Queen Mary IT Liaison on ext 5939 or visit the IT Services Help Desk, Room W209, Queens Building, Mile End, to register for the service.
PCs are available until 15 minutes before closure and Library Staff are on-hand to offer assistance.

How do I photocopy?

You can photocopy at any of the Library MFDs (Multi-function Devices), which can also be used for printing and scanning.

Before using the MFDs you must top-up your QM iPay account online.
Once credit has been added to your account, simply touch your ID card to the reader on the front of the MFD and you will be able to start copying. Your balance is displayed at the top left of the touchscreen at all times and decreases as each copy is made.

How much do inter library loans cost?

  • £10.00 for articles/chapters
  • £17.20 for books
  • £5.25 for renewals
  • £30.00 for International requests (including books and theses)
  • Overdue items will be fined at £1 a day

Lost or severely overdue items – the customer will cover the full cost of replacing the item.

How will I be updated on the progress of my request?

            We will email you to:

  • Obtain further information to help trace your request (if necessary)
  • Inform you of any delays
  • Tell you when your request has arrived
  • Remind you when your loan is due for return/renewal , or if it has been recalled

Where do I collect and return my inter-library loans?

  • Loans and reference only items (to be used in the library only) are issued and returned at the Welcome Desk at your home library during staffed hours
  • Journal articles and book chapters emailed directly to you QMUL email address must be downloaded within 30 days.

Can I renew my inter-library loans?

  • To renew an Inter-library loan, please contact your home library
  • If the item is not required for loan elsewhere we will arrange the renewal and let you know the new due date
  • You cannot renew Inter-library loans via the Library Catalogue
  • Overdue items may be subject to a substantial fine, which your department may pass onto you