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Helping students develop the skills they need to succeed through interactive taught sessions

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Throughout the year, we host workshops and events for students on various aspects of academic skills. Workshops take place online via Blackboard Collaborate 

Why go to a workshop? 

  • Learn new skills 
  • Follow up academic skills you are curious about 
  • Practice academic skills in an interactive environment 
  • Get feedback from peers and tutors 
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Reach! University Transition Workshops — Wednesdays at 1pm and 5pm

A series of workshops designed to help you make the transition to studying at Queen Mary. Taking place every Wednesday over the first six weeks of term. Enrol on QMPlus to access all of the sessions.

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Reach! Queen Mary Academic Skills Transition Workshop

English Language Support Studying at university is quite different from school. Reach! is QM’s transition workshop programme, designed to help you get off to a flying start in your university education. Reach! will equip you with the tips and skills you’ll need to succeed with your studies. You’ll learn about UK academic culture, effective study techniques, essay writing, data visualisation, how to recognise disinformation and lots more.

Reach! workshops are organised by the Queen Mary Academic Skills team. The workshops run online from Welcome Week to Reading Week and are free to all first-year and foundation students. Places for the live event are limited to 250 per session. Access the series on QMPlus.

Outline for QM Library Academic Skills Transition Workshop Series 

  • Time: Wednesdays 1pm and 5pm 
  • Location: Blackboard Collaborate

Welcome Week: How to Reach! your academic goals

  • Profile of a successful QM student 
  • Time Management 
  • Introduction to QM Academic Skills Enhancement

Access at:

Week 1: University teaching and learning

Week 2: Effective reading and note-making

Week 3: Academic Culture and Integrity

Week 4: Reflection and Feedback

Week 5 (HSS/SMD): Academic Writing and Referencing

Week 5 (S&E/SMD): Group Work and Presentations

Week 6 (HSS/SMD): Critical Thinking

Week 6 (S&E/SMD): Critical Thinking


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