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Library Services

Strategic goals

Over the next three years, we will support the success of Queen Mary by focussing on the following Strategic Goals:

Student Experience

1.1. All Students will receive a library service which is both efficient and friendly, and which enhances their sense of QMUL as a caring community
1.2. All students will be able to find a study space that suits their personal needs and therefore helps them to realise their academic potential


2.1. All library and managed study spaces will be comfortable, accessible, attractive and well equipped to support the latest technology
2.2. QMUL’s digital information infrastructure will be robust, interoperable, and suitable for the full range of innovative activities carried out across the university

Teaching & Learning

3.1. All students will have swift access to the academic information resources required to underpin their learning, facilitated by online reading lists appropriate to their programme and module
3.2. All students will have the understanding and skills to discover, appraise and use information well in a highly networked world, enabling them to succeed in academia, in employment, and in life

Research & Innovation

4.1. All researchers will have swift access to the world’s collective knowledge, including our own unique and distinctive collections
4.2. The QMUL community will embrace open access as standard practice, sharing research outputs for the public good, whilst respecting intellectual property rights and privacy


5.1. All international students studying in London, at sites overseas and via distance learning will have access to the library resources and services that they require for academic success
5.2. All Library Services staff will have the opportunity to engage with professional colleagues overseas, enhancing global awareness and supporting innovations in library service development

Public Engagement

6.1. A wide range of audiences will be engaged with Library and Archives collections through exhibitions and events, enhancing the research profile and local visibility of the university
6.2. Library Services will play a key role promoting university arts and cultural events, enriching our community’s understanding of QMUL as a unique institution, and enhancing their wellbeing and sense of belonging

People & Culture

7.1. All Library Services staff will enjoy performing their roles to the highest possible standard for the benefit of the university community and to fulfil their personal potential
7.2. All Library Services staff will be working with colleagues across QMUL in a true spirit of collaboration, by leading and participating in relevant projects, activities and communities of practice