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The Repository and Research Information Team are here to help you track and report your research output, and share it with the world. We manage the Elements research information system and Queen Mary Research Online (QMRO), the institutional repository.

Email the Repository and Research Information Team, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

We’re here to help you:
  • Manage your Elements profile and report on your research activities.
  • Navigate funder and publisher policies on open access and data management.
  • Deposit and share your research via QMRO.
  • Claim funding for open access publishing fees from our block grants.
  • Understand licensing and copyright agreements, and how to retain your rights.
  • Manage and preserve your research data.
  • View and understand your research metrics; such as citation and other bibliometrics.
  • Deposit and license your thesis.

We're happy to arrange meetings one-to-one, with larger groups or schools - whatever suits you.


We are a team based within the Library and Archives Service, we are responsible for the administration of the Elements research outcomes system, Queen Mary Research Online (QMRO) the institutional repository and we provide information to help researchers and academics with everything open access.

The Joint Research Management Office supports researchers in applications for funding across Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust. 

A DOI is a unique identifier given to a digital item. It provides a persistent link to the object’s online location. All DOI numbers begin with a 10 and have a prefix and a suffix separated by a slash e.g. 10.1234/56789

The DOI can be used to create a URL which will take you straight to the item. To convert a DOI to a web address you need to use the URL prefix followed by the DOI.

DOIs are assigned through registration agencies. The library has a subscription to DataCite which enables the generation of DOIs for datasets.

For DOIs for journal articles and other published outputs, contact the Repository and Research Information Team.

An ISBN is a unique 13 digit number, assigned to a book or similar publication. It denotes the publisher and edition of the book and allows booksellers and purchasers to identify exact versions of a publication.

For information on obtaining ISBNs at Queen Mary please contact Eileen Nazha in Library Services.

Nielsen Book run the ISBN Agency for the UK and Ireland. To register a new title, you should register it directly with Nielsen Book. If you have any problems with this process contact their Publisher Helpdesk.

You should send a copy of each title you publish to the Legal Deposit Office at the British Library.

An ISSN is a unique 8 digit number, assigned to a serial publication (e.g. a journal, magazine or electronic journal). It acts as an identifier and allows potential subscribers/readers to locate the exact publication required.

The ISSN UK Centre, which is part of the British Library, is responsible for assigning ISSN to serials published in the United Kingdom. To obtain an ISSN for your serial publication, you need to contact the British Library directly. For more details, see the British Library website.

All awarded theses are listed on Library Search. Theses awarded prior to 2013 will are kept in print form unless we have had a digitisation request from the Ethos service of the British Library. All theses awarded since 2014 are available in electronic format and can be downloaded from the institutional repository (QMRO).

All works deposited in QMRO are freely available to be viewed and downloaded by anyone with internet access. Some items may be placed under an embargo, to be released after a set length of time dependent on publisher policies.

The repository is free to anyone to browse and download content. There is no requirement to log in to do this. If you wish to upload content to the repository this is done via the Elements research outcomes system. 

Publists has had a name change to reflect the expanding types of research information the management system records. Publists is now referred to as Elements.

Your log in details for Elements should be the same as your normal college ID credentials. If you are a new member of staff or have changed your role within the University this can affect your Elements log in.  

Contact the Repository and Research Information Team for more help.

The Research Publications web page is supplied data on your publications from the Elements research outcomes system, if your information is not displaying correctly contact the Repository and Research Information Team for more help.

Contact the Repository and Research Information Team who will be happy to help with your enquiry. 

Researchfish is a research outcomes reporting system used by some funding bodies to gather reports from Principal Investigators on progress in the research that they have funded.  There is an annual submission period; this varies by funder. For more information, or help completing your submission, contact

Contact the Repository and Research Information Team who will be happy to help with your enquiry.