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SOLM176 Free Movement of Persons in the European Union (Not running 2022-23)

Module Description

This module  examines the rules concerning the free movement of Union citizens and their families in the European Union. It traces the evolution of these rules from their economic origins to their current conceptualisation as citizenship rights. The first half of the module will provide a detailed analysis of the general framework of EU internal migration rights. In the second half, we will consider the application of these rules in particular situations or to particular categories of individuals (eg: professionals, students, patients, posted workers).

week 1: From economic migrant to Union citizen - concept of Union citizenship
week 2: The scope of EU internal migration law - wholly internal situations
Week 3: Migration rights: the right to enter, leave and reside in another EU Member State
Week 4: Equal treatment and access to work and welfare in the host state
Week 5: Derogations from free movement

Applicable Groupings

  • LLM in European Law
  • LLM in Immigration Law

Mode of Assessment

2.15 hour examination


15 Credits

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