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Old, worn books arranged on a shelf Call for Papers: Queen Mary Law and History Research Group
7 February 2023

The Queen Mary Law and History Group is a new initiative, led by PhD students, to encourage cooperation between researchers working on the theme of Law and History.

A field of wheat The British Academy funds research at Queen Mary on patent governance for agricultural genome editing technologies
1 February 2023

The British Academy has awarded funding for a two-year research project examining the patent governance of agricultural genome editing in the UK, the EU and Ukraine. The research will be undertaken by Professor Duncan Matthews and Dr Hanna Ostapenko (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), who will investigate the implications of patent governance for global food security and sustainability.

A padlock circled by stars of the EU flag hovering above a map of Europe Professor Jonathan Griffiths co-authors paper on Copyright in the Digital Single Market
26 January 2023

This paper addresses a few selected aspects of the implementation of the new mandatory exceptions provided under Articles 3 to 7 of the Directive on Copyright and Related Rights in the Digital Single Market (Directive (EU) 2019/790).

A windfarm in fields of green grass and rapeseed against a cloudy blue sky Effects of Russia-Ukraine conflict to drive energy disputes, study finds
23 January 2023

The volatile price of raw materials and energy supply are predicted to be primary causes of disputes in the energy sector globally over the next five years.

Lady Justice from behind holding a set of scales School of Law PhD Conference call for papers - Law, Society, and Inequality: An Approach Across Disciplines
23 January 2023

This in-person conference will take place on 22-23 June 2023 and will bring together PhD researchers to discuss Law, Society, and Inequality across disciplines.

Training participants with Professor Ioannis Kokkoris on the last day of the course QMGPI works with the Malaysian Government to provide Cyber Security training for senior officials
17 January 2023

Queen Mary University of London provided training for senior officials from the Malaysian Government on Cyber Security regulations and practice to enable them to work more efficiently.

A woman reading a magazine Why Western media continues to perpetuate negative stereotypes of India
16 January 2023

Dr Prakash Shah has written an op-ed on about how India is reported in Western media.

Artefacts of Legal Inquiry book cover Symposium published on Professor Maks Del Mar’s Artefacts of Legal Inquiry
4 January 2023

The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy has published a symposium on Professor Maks Del Mar’s book, Artefacts of Legal Inquiry: The Value of Imagination in Adjudication.

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