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IPLM202 Patent Law British and European Patent Law (A22)

The module covers fundamental substantive aspects of patent law in the UK and under the European Patent Convention, including conditions for protection and registration, infringement and defences. It will provide students with the foundations of UK patent law so as to equip them for the basics of patent practice in the UK. In addition, students will consider patent law and corporate strategy as well as practical and professional aspects, including drafting, claim interpretation, patent prosecution, ethics and corporate governance. Students will also gain a detailed and practical understanding of related areas of protection in the patent industries, including confidential information and trade secrets. The module also addresses aspects of specific sectors, including biotechnology, chemical industries and software industries. On successful completion of this module, you will be eligible to sit the CIPA/ITMA exemption papers towards your qualification as UK patent and trade mark attorneys.

Mode of assessment

3 hour 15 minute exam


30 credits

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