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School of Law

MSc programmes

Our MSc  programmes develop legal knowledge in specialist fields such as finance, medicine and engineering.

Law and Finance MSc

QMUL student working at a computer

The Law and Finance MSc will equip you with the knowledge, skills and practical tools needed to gain a thorough understanding of global economics and finance, and how this area is regulated by law. Such interdisciplinary skills are needed in order to manage the financial crisis and regulate the market effectively.

Management of Intellectual Property MSc

Intellectual Property Law has become an interdisciplinary field comprised of law, engineering, medical science, economics, and numerous other fields. The Management of Intellectual Property MSc explores the foundations of this area of law with relation to patents, trade marks and the other core areas within this field.

Intellectual Property, Data and Information Law MSc

The Intellectual Property, Data and Information Law MSc is a programme designed for non law graduates who wish to acquire legal knowledge in areas relevant to the creative industries, including the data and computer industries but also sectors such as music, publishing or film. All students take compulsory modules in the core IP disciplines (copyright and designs law; patent law). In addition, students will have much flexibility to select a range of modules.

Regulation and Compliance MSc

The Regulation and Compliance MSc teaches you the fundamentals of the regulatory framework and provides a more focused approach to compliance in various markets. You will investigate compliance issues in the UK, EU, and global markets.

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