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Frequently Asked Questions for the Postgraduate Diplomas (taught)

Frequently asked questions for the Postgraduate Diploma in Law programme.

Q: How to apply

All postgraduate applications for QMUL must be made by submitting an online application from our website. To make an application please go to our postgraduate course finder section.

All applicants are automatically emailed once their details are logged onto the system, informing them that we have received their application and giving them their application number and specific contact details of our admission staff.

Q: When can I apply and closing dates?

We usually open for applications around October of the year prior to entry (for programmes with a September start date such as our LLMs) – closing dates will be announced on each programme page when announced and are subject to change.

Q: What documents do I need to supply when applying for a Diploma in Law? 

You will need the following documents to complete an application:

  1. Transcripts of your studies in Higher Education (and certificates if your degree(s) are awarded), for instance, transcripts of your law degree or any other relevant qualification.
  2. An up to date Curriculum Vitae.
  3. Personal Statement outlining why you want to study the programme at QMUL. (see FAQ on Personal Statement)
  4. One Reference (see the FAQ on References).
  5. Proof of English language proficiency. Please see the following link for more information on our English Language requirements (and see the FAQs on language scores)
  6. Any other supporting documentation/qualifications, for example, professional legal qualifications that you think would be relevant to our consideration.

As we do not interview prospective students, these documents will form the basis of any decision made.

Incomplete applications may be rejected. If you have not yet completed your degree, then a transcript of marks achieved so far is required and is acceptable. You do not need to have finished your first degree before applying, as conditional offers can then be made pending your final marks.

You can also apply without submitting a language score, as this can follow later in the process. Conditional offers can be made pending receipt of language score. (See FAQ on deadlines for submission of language score).

Please ensure that you read the guidance notes which accompany the online application as they will guide you through each section of the process.

Note: On the application form you will be applying for entry your chosen postgraduate programme. All individual module choices will be finalised after enrolment and induction.

Q: Reference requirements for application

For a Postgraduate Law application we require one reference. If you have the reference in a colour, official headed paper format, please upload it to the application form. If you do not have the reference, or your referee is unwilling to give it to you directly (for example, for confidentiality reasons), you would need to provide details of two referees so that we can obtain the reference directly from them. Please note, we need details of two referees but for an LLM application we will need to obtain one reference.

Also note that decisions on applications with missing references can potentially take longer whilst we contact the referee.

Q: Format of references

The reference can be provided in the text of an email from a verifiable professional email address, or as a scanned colour copy written on institutional or professional letter-headed paper.

Q: What do you require - what must be included?

The School of Law requires all applicants to postgraduate programmes to provide one relevant reference for their course of study to verify that they are suitable for the course and a suitable student for QMUL. We would prefer to receive an academic reference from your most recent Higher Education institution. If this is difficult, due to the passage of time since your first degree for instance, you can provide a professional reference if it is law related.

Content of academic reference (preferred)

  • academic achievements
  • academic suitability for the programme
  • expected degree result (Bachelor’s or Master’s), where this is pending
  • performance in relation to their peers, e.g. in top 25 per cent of class or cohort (please give details of size of class or cohort)
  • your referee's recommendation to the university on whether to accept you.

We welcome any additional comments that you believe are relevant to our consideration of this applicant, such as how long the referee has known you.

Content of Professional reference

If you are unable to provide an academic reference and have extensive legal experience, a professional reference can be submitted. This could include:

  • Verification of how long you were employed.
  • Confirmation that you were working in a legal capacity and some detail of the type of work involved.
  • Suitability for the programme you are applying for.
  • Comment on your skills and abilities.

We welcome any additional comments that you believe are relevant to our consideration of this applicant, such as how long the referee has known you.

Q: I want to check on the progress of my application. Who do I contact?

Email the college Admissions Office on

Q: I am still waiting to get my reference letter. Can I submit my reference after my application form? Where do I send it?

You can send it directly to the Admissions office, Mile End campus, Queen Mary University of London, Queens Building, Mile End, E1 4NS, United Kingdom. Reference forms are not used. Please ensure that the reference is on headed paper, states your full name and date of birth and the course that you are applying for. Admissions will then match it up to your application. Otherwise you can wait until you have received your references in a sealed envelope and then send them together with your application.

Q: What if I do not meet the conditions contained in my offer?

If you do not meet the academic conditions, you should still provide a transcript showing your final marks. We will still consider this and in borderline cases, take into case other relevant qualifications and relevant work experience. If you do not meet the full language condition, you should submit your obtained score as soon as possible, to see if any pre-sessional English language courses will help you.

Q: Where do I submit my application, language scores and other required documents?

The Admissions Office, who process all applications, are based at the Mile End campus, Queen Mary University of London, Queens Building, Mile End, E1 4NS, UK. All applications and supporting documents should be sent directly to them. If you have a query regarding the progress of your application, you can email the Admissions Office on

The Application Process

All applicants are automatically emailed once their details are logged onto the system, informing them that we have received their application and giving them their application number and specific contact details of our admission staff.

Q: What are the English language requirements for the PG Diploma programmes?

All students from countries where English is not the first language must supply a TOEFL or IELTS language test or equivalent result. If you took your degree overseas and were taught in the English medium but your country’s main language is not English, you still have to provide a language score. The standard of English language used varies from region to region and indeed from university to university. It is therefore vital that all such students provide English language scores.

If you have not yet taken an IELTS/TOEFL or equivalent test at the application stage, you should still apply. If your IELTS/TOEFL results are not yet available, you could be made a conditional offer, subject to our normal academic requirements.

Students who submit a language score that does not meet the full language entry requirements of 7 overall 7 writing IELTS (or equivalent) will automatically be offered the appropriate pre-sessional language course as a condition of PG Diploma entry if and where possible. However, if required, a student may still retake and submit a higher language score before enrolment - any pre-sessional condition set can then be cancelled or amended depending on the new score achieved and the date the new scores are submitted. Read the full and minimum language requirements.

Please scan your results and email them to There is no need to ask the test provider to send the scores directly to us, as the Admissions office can verify all scores directly with TOEFL/IELTS once they receive your emailed version. Email what you have to Admissions and they will contact you direct if they require anything further from you.

Q: In-sessional language programme

Any student who scores 6.5 or below in the IELTS Writing component (or equivalent) is required to attend the Queen Mary in-sessional Critical Thinking and Writing in Law Programme (CTWL); this programme is free to QM students and runs in semesters 1, 2, and 3.

Students with higher English language scores may join this programme if they wish. Sessions are also provided to support dissertation writing. Full information on the CTWL programme will be provided after enrolment.

Q: Where will my lectures and seminars be held?

Depending on the courses you take, you may have classes at the School of Law's postgraduate centre in Lincoln's Inn Fields (nearest Underground station: Holborn), the Mile End Campus (nearest Underground stations: Mile End and Stepney Green) or the University of London's Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (nearest Underground stations: Russell Square, Euston and Euston Square) or Charterhouse Square.

Q: What will the teaching timetable be like?

Lectures and seminars take place Monday to Friday, during the day and early evening. Your particular timetable will depend on the courses you decide to take. View a sample