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Dr Theodora Christou shares views on Brexit Vote in an interview for French outlet Le Monde


Dr Theodora Christou, Convenor of Transnational Law and Governance at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, was interviewed by Le Monde about her views on the Brexit vote. She said, as a British and Cypriot citizen, the vote of the day was a signal that has shown the need to change direction: "I believe that the only solution to this is a new popular vote. And this is not a sign of disdain for the majority opinion that was expressed, it would be, on the contrary, to do justice to it. The whole "leave" campaign was stuck with lies. Now people have to choose in full consciousness.” A Queen Mary maths student, Amani Lahmani, also shared her views on the vote. She said: “A new referendum would be a good solution, because I am convinced that many people who voted "leave" have changed their minds.” Read the whole piece here (available in French).



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