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School of Law
JavaException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 98:\n\nTheodora A Christou (Editor and Contributor), European Cross Border Justice: A Case Study of the EAW, AIRE Centre: 2010 (cited in the Assange case [2011] EWHC 2849 (Admin))\nTheodora Christou and Catherine Meredith, Not in my Front Yard: Security and Resistance to State Responsibility for Extraterritorial Acts and Omissions, Wolf: 2009\nKeir Starmer QC and Theodora Christou, Foreword Lord Bingham of Cornhill, A Human Rights Manual and Sourcebook for Africa (BIICL, 2005)\nTheodora Christou and Juan Pablo Raymond (Eds), Foreword by Sir Nicolas Bratza QC, European Court of Human Rights: Remedies and Execution of Judgments (BIICL, 2005)\n\nChapter in Books\n\nCo-author, Albi, A, The Role and Future of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance. Questionnaire for the Network of Constitutional Experts, ERC Project No 284316, University of Kent (forthcoming)\nCo-author, Relationships between the national judicial authorities and the investigative agencies in the view of the EPPO: Operational models and best practices in fight against EU frauds (Hart, 2017).\n\nArticles\n\nTheodora A Christou, Committal Proceedings under the English Criminal Justice System, (Criminalia, 2016)\nTheodora A Christou and Sam Fowles. Failure to protect girls from female genital mutilation (2015) The Journal of Criminal Law 79(5), 344-357\nTheodora A Christou, An Attempt to end Turkey\'s Impunity for Population Transfers into Occupied Cyprus, (2014) Cyprus Human Rights Law Review Vol.3 pp.90-103\nTheodora A Christou, The European Arrest Warrant in the Context of Cyprus, Cyprus Human Rights Law Review, Issue 1, 2013\nTheodora Christou and Karen Weis, The European Arrest Warrant and Fundamental Rights: An Opportunity for Clarity, New Journal of European Criminal Law, Vol. 1/1 2010\nTheodora Christou, Eleni Kouzoupi and Helen Xanthaki, Mutual Recognition in Criminal Matters in Cyprus, European Journal of Law Reform Issue 1 2009\nTheodora Christou, Eleni Kouzoupi and Helen Xanthaki, Mutual Recognition in Criminal Matters in Cyprus, Amicus Curiae, Issue 78 Summer 2009, pp.2-7\nPhilip Aya, Theodora Christou, and Juan-Pablo Raymond, BIICL Report: The Application of the Death Penalty in Africa. (2005) Amicus Journal 13:17–21\nEuropean Human Rights Law Review, Case summaries and commentaries\nEuropean Human Rights Reports, Headnotes\nHuman Rights Training Manual for the Council of Europe (co-editor and contributor) appears as modules on the Council of Europe training site.\n\nReports and Manuals\n\nPrimary Author, The Trial of Aya Hegazy, Trial Observation Report (with BHRC and EuroMed Rights) 2017\nEditor, Coordination team member and national contact point for Cyprus on a Thomson Reuters-Aranzadi EC funded project -JUST/2011/JPEN/PR/1012/B3 \"Study on criminal sanction legislation and practice in representative Member States\", 2014\nEditor of report: Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution in Nepal - Country Report 2014 (with WHRIN and PPR Nepal) 2014\nConsulted and drafted on the International Law relevant to the report: An Unfinished War: Torture and Sexual Violence in Sri Lanka, 2009-2014 (with Yasmin Sooka and the International Truth & Justice Project, Sri Lanka) 2014\nEdited and produced a manual on Elections and trained lawyers, journalists, NGOs and election observers in Zimbabwe in conjunction with the John Smith Memorial Trust; as part of a FCO funded project, “Tracking Expression: Monitoring, Reporting and Addressing Human Rights Violations During Elections”. 2012\nProduced Training manual and material on Criminal Procedure in Tanzania for the Law School of Tanzania\nAuthor of Human Rights Manual for Palestinian Lawyers: Identifying, Investigating and Prosecuting Human Rights Violations.\n&flatXML=Y
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