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Brexit: How bad can it get?


Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott contributed to an article in the London Review of Books roundtable 'How bad can it get?: Reflections on the state we’re in'.

She writes: “Every facet of the British constitution is affected by Brexit. Brexit was supposed to enable Britain to reclaim sovereignty. But parliamentary sovereignty has seemed an annoyance to this government, which has often tried to sideline Parliament, with for example the attempt to trigger Article 50 without its consent; the resistance to revealing the government’s impact statements; the attempts to prevent a ‘meaningful vote’ by Parliament on Brexit. And now there is talk of proroguing Parliament, suspending it so it cannot oppose a no deal Brexit. MPs are already taking action in the Scottish courts to obtain a declaration that Johnson may not advise the Queen to suspend Parliament to stop it voting against ‘no deal’. The Brexit campaign was fought against a supposedly undemocratic EU, and yet we face the prospect of a prime minister suspending Parliament to force through a no deal Brexit that was certainly not on the referendum ballot.”

Read the article here.



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