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School of Law

Queen Mary School of Law hosts conference on Law, Society, and Inequality for PhD Scholars

On 22-24 June 2023, the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London held a conference that brought together PhD scholars worldwide for lively and engaging discussions on various topics related to law and inequality.

PhD students presenting at the School of Law PhD conference 2023

The conference covered a range of crucial issues, including law and gender inequality, rights, the state, technology, mental health, access to justice, distribution of resources, poverty, borders, and how these relate to inequality. 23 PhD scholars presented and explored these topics from diverse perspectives to an engaged audience of 40 people daily, fostering a rich and thought-provoking exchange of ideas throughout the two days. 

We were honoured to have participants from different corners of the globe, with PhD researchers from Brazil and China, as well as from institutions such as Oxford, Edinburgh, Leicester, and Newcastle. The enthusiasm and expertise of all participants contributed to the vibrancy of the discussions, and we are grateful for their valuable contributions.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed chairs of the conference, Dr Roxana Banu, Dr Alexis Javier Alvarez Nakagawa, Dr Isobel Roele, Dr Dimitri Van Den Meerssche, Dr Maria Ioannidou, and Dr Jeevan Hariharan. Their guidance and facilitation ensured the success of the event, and we sincerely appreciate their dedication. 

Special thanks go to Professor Maksymilian Del Mar, Hayley O'Hagan, as well as Luiza Tavares da Motta, and Esther Jaromitki, the PhD representatives for the academic year 2022/2023, for their exceptional organisation and coordination efforts. Their hard work made the conference possible and contributed to its smooth execution.

The conference fostered the creation of a vibrant PhD scholars community, encouraging lasting relationships and connections among young scholars internationally. This community will undoubtedly support the growth and collaboration of the next generation of scholars, and we are thrilled to witness such meaningful networking opportunities at Queen Mary University of London. 

The Mile End campus provided a fantastic backdrop for the conference, with attendees particularly appreciating the terrace during sunset, which offered a wonderful setting for networking and connecting during dinner. The ambiance complemented the overall experience and provided an ideal atmosphere for intellectual exchange.

Moreover, we were privileged to have Professor Sally Sheldon from the University of Bristol as our keynote speaker. Her memorable speech on abortion law captivated the audience and sparked insightful conversations among the attendees.



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