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The acceleration of death precipitated by Covid-19 exposes state crime

Professor Neve Gordon and Professor Penny Green have published a blog on Open Democracy on how the Covid-19 crisis exposes state crime across the globe

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Homeless person huddled up on the steps of a building

Open Democracy published an opinion piece by Professor Neve Gordon and Professor Penny Green. The blog states: "The acceleration of death precipitated by Covid-19, while wreaking its own havoc, is also exposing the structural crimes of our governments. Although welfare packages – unthinkable just two months ago – will help some people get through this crisis, the most vulnerable remain without support. What we need now is to dismantle the very structures that precipitate the crimes. What we need, at the very least, is a Green New Deal."

Read the full blog on Open Democracy.

More information

  • Neve Gordon is Professor of International Law and Human Rights at Queen Mary University of London. He is also a member of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI)
  • Penny Green is Professor of Law and Globalisation and Head of the Department of Law at Queen Mary. She is also Co-Director of ISCI.

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