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Collective Awareness Platforms (CAPs) Information Day at Queen Mary, University of London - 2 July 2012

The School of Law hosted a high profile event organised with the European Commission to launch the CAPs programme prior to the publication of the call on 9 July 2012.

There were three speakers in the morning followed by an open forum in the afternoon. It was a great opportunity for Queen Mary academics to develop ideas and find partners with other universities and third sector organisations, but also to contribute in shaping the CAPs programme for future calls.

Morning presentations:

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Afternoon presentations:

View Podcast of the afternoon presentations [mp3]

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  • Daily World Newspaper [PDF 3,983KB]: “This was a typical front page of world news that was compiled for a United Nations project – news that happens every day in the world, but is rarely reported because it happens every day. This front page is now many years old – but has the news really changed?”
  • Yes But What Can I Do? [PDF 2,891KB]”:  newspaper edited by Jon Danzig for a United Nations project.  The newspaper reported on individuals and action groups across the world who were campaigning on issues such as hunger, the environment, poverty, the arms race, sustainability and all the other problems confronting the earth community.
  • World in Action Poster [PDF 10,442KB]” – some of the people and action groups across the world featured in the “Yes But What Can I Do?” newspaper edited by Jon Danzig
  • Campaign Coffee poster [PDF 3,844KB]” – with some friends in Oxford, Jon Danzig imported three tonnes of coffee from Tanzania and launched “Campaign Coffee”, which helped to start the concept of ‘Fairtrade’ coffee in the United Kingdom.  To hear a recent BBC radio interview with Jon Danzig about Campaign Coffee go to:  Jon Danzig on BBC: How we started the idea of Fairtrade Coffee

Jon Danzig's portfolio of films is at and more background can be found at About Jon Danzig.

At a seminar organised by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Jon Danzig asked business leaders if ‘bad business practice’ can be tamed through awareness raising alone, or if it always requires legislation to achieve. View the YouTube Video 'Jon Danzig asks about Business Ethics'.

Additional presentations and expression of interest: