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Global Opportunities

GO Study Abroad Bursary

We support our students receiving a full Queen Mary Bursary in their plans to go abroad on exchange through an additional funding source: the GO Study Abroad Bursary.

We want all of our students to be able to enjoy the international opportunities we offer and get the most out of their period abroad. To achieve this, Queen Mary makes a Global Opportunities (GO) Study Abroad Bursary fund available on an annual basis, to assist students who might be facing difficulties in meeting the costs of an exchange programme of studies abroad.

GO Study Abroad Bursary for 2023/24 mobility: Students must complete the GO Managed Funding application form by 22 March 2023.

(2022/23 mobility: allocations are completed, and students have been informed. No further applications are possible.)

Any student who is completing a study placement during the next academic year and who is in receipt of a full Queen Mary Bursary during the current academic year may be considered for the GO Study Abroad Bursary if they successfully complete Queen Mary's GO Managed Funding application form by the relevant deadline (see above). Students are usually contacted with the application details in February for exchanges taking place in the following academic year.

For eligible students who do not complete the application form by the deadline: late funding requests received post-deadline will be considered from the summer of/directly preceding departure and only if and where funding remains due to withdrawals.

The GO Study Abroad Bursary's exact amount varies each year but has historically been within the range of £250-£350 per semester.

Allocation decisions are made during the spring, and students are informed of the individual award amounts in late spring/early summer. The GO Team then shares news of the outcome with confirmed amount with successful applicants along with two forms (T&Cs, bank details). The student must complete, sign and submit both forms by a set deadline late spring/early summer in order to be eligible to receive the award. Recipients then receive the stated amount in one payment instament, typically early- to mid-summer.

To maximise the value of the GO Study Abroad Bursary, all students receiving a Queen Mary Bursary for their degree as well as a loan from Student Finance should also systematically apply for the Student Finance Travel Grant. Advice and Counselling can assist you if you have any difficulty in completing a Student Finance Course Abroad Form or applying for your Student Finance Travel Grant; please don't hesitate to contact them if you are having trouble. 

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