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Global Opportunities

Study Abroad Bursary

We support our Queen Mary Bursary students in their plans to go abroad on exchange through an additional funding source made available to them: the Study Abroad Bursary.

We want all of our students to be able to enjoy the international opportunities we offer and get the most out of their period abroad. 

To achieve this, Queen Mary makes available a Study Abroad Bursary fund on an annual basis, to assist students who might facing difficulties in meeting the costs of an exchange programme abroad.

Any student who is in receipt of a Queen Mary Bursary will be considered for the Study Abroad Bursary once they hold a Conditional offer of exchange (if their application is successful), no further application is necessary. Individual awards are one-off payments that have been (in recent years) in the range of approximately £400-£800 per semester of exchange spent abroad. Consideration is given to both economic need and academic performance.

Recipients going on exchange during the 2021/22 academic year will receive confirmation of the award in due course, likely during late spring/early summer 2021.

To maximise the value of the Study Abroad Bursary, all home/EU students receiving a Queen Mary Bursary for their degree as well as a loan from Student Finance should also systematically apply for the Travel Grant from Student Finance and confirm to the Global Opportunities Office once they have done so, as evidence of seeking maximum potential financial support and forecasted budgeting for their exchange. Advice and Counselling can assist you if you have any difficulty in completing a Student Finance Course Abroad Form or applying for your Student Finance Travel Grant; please don't hesitate to contact them if you are having trouble.

Please contact the GO Team if you wish to discuss your individual potential eligibility for the Study Abroad Bursary.