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Global Opportunities

Accommodation & Student Life


Many of our partner institutions offer on-campus/university-managed accommodation for which their incoming exchange students are eligible to apply. If this is the case, you would be eligible to apply for this after being nominated to the host institution, following the host institution's procedures and deadlines. Please check this on your host institution's website.

In instances where on-campus/university-managed accommodation is not available, the partner institution provides guidance or offer assistance for finding alternative or private accommodation in the local area.

If you have specific housing requirements, you should ensure this is communicated to both the GO Office and the host institution as early as possible following being made a Conditional offer of exchange.

You will be responsible for all your housing costs during your exchange at your host institution. See the Finance page for more details.

Every partner institution is different, and be prepared that housing arrangements may differ from university accommodation provided in the UK. You may wish to reach out to one of our many Global Opportunities Ambassadors who has been to your destination city to ask them about their accommodation during their exchange abroad. Your host institution’s social media accounts can also be useful information sources when you are looking for housing.

If you are going to an IEP destination beyond Europe, we recommend that you discuss your accommodation options with the Study Abroad Manager (International Exchanges) who may be able to introduce you to students who have returned from your prospective host institution so that you can discuss your options with them.

If you have trouble finding accommodation after you have been nominated to your host institution, please contact the GO Team.

Queen Mary Student Message Board

You can also rent out your room while you are abroad. You can advertise this on Queen Mary's Student Message Board. The shared message board is designed to put our students in touch with other Queen Mary students who are looking for accommodation. If you are currently renting privately, you should always check with your landlord or letting agent that they are happy for you to sublet your room – subletting is often not approved and may have legal implications.

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