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Global Opportunities

Other funding sources

When considering an exchange abroad, you should research what other potential sources of external funding might be available to you.

Researching such opportunities is indispensable and the only way to know what is available, as these will vary dramatically based on your personal circumstances.

In addition to the general guidance presented on the main Finance page applicable to many students (e.g. Student Finance), we hope that some of the below suggestions might prove helpful to your situation. If you are having difficulties finding external sources of funding, the GO Team may be able to suggest further details of potential funding sources relevant for your desired/forecasted destination. 

Occasionally, some Queen Mary academic departments offer merit- or needs-based scholarships to their students. These may or may not be in connection to going abroad on an exchange. It's worth a try contacting your academic department to find out if any scholarships like this exist and, if so, if you are eligible to apply and how you can apply by their deadlines.

Disclaimer: Queen Mary University of London is not responsible for the below information or opportunities managed by external third parties.

Have you considered what other external scholarships you could be eligible for on the basis of a talent you might have, a sport you might play, your ethnic heritage, or potentially even your family's membership in various societies or religious organisations? Perhaps a part-time or summer employer of yours offers scholarships to their employees who are also students working to support themselves?

If you're from outside of the UK, have you inquired if your local region/province in your home country offers scholarships to students studying for a degree in the UK  whose parents'/permanent residence remains in that region? 

Many external scholarships may exist depending on your personal circumstances, yet you can only find out about them through some diligent internet searching and asking around.

Several known external scholarships for which you may be eligible and interested in applying:

  • BUTEX opens a modest scholarship opportunity (£500) every spring/summer for students planning to go abroad from autumn semester of the next academic year. Application deadline for placements starting each autumn is typically late July. Full details regarding how to apply and eligibility criteria can be found via the above link.

  • Jack's Flight Club advertises £500 travel grants for students to help them to achieve their goals related to study abroad. Application deadline for placements starting each autumn is typically late July/early August.

  • John Speak Language Trust considers students for scholarships of approximately £1,870 who meet the criteria, apply by the deadline and are successful in a final interview. Applicants must be learning a language that they will continue to study whilst abroad. Application deadline for mobility starting in autumn will generally be in spring - consult website for full details.

Do you or does your family have any personal savings that you are able to put towards the extra costs associated with an exchange abroad? This could be a way to contribute to some of the anticipated costs that you'll have to cover for an exchange abroad.

Important: the potential availability of future income is not considered acceptable evidence of sufficient funds for any visa appointment. This includes income you might hope to earn over the summer before an exchange (for example) as well as the possibility of working while studying to support yourself (you should not count on this).

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