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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Dr Andrew Hines, BA, MA


Thyssen Fellow at the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations



Andrew Hines studied at both the University of Oregon and the University of Tübingen, obtaining a BA in Philosophy. He also holds a MA in Philosophy from University College Dublin and a PhD in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary, University of London. His thesis was on the concept of metaphor in European philosophy after Nietzsche and is being published as a book by the MHRA in 2020.

He is a specialist on Nietzsche, the history of metaphor theory in the western tradition, and post-Kantian European philosophy. More broadly, he interested in how human beings understand (or mis-understand) each other and how the ideas and beliefs they use to communicate are formed. He is currently a Senior Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at SOAS University of London and a Contributing Editor for the Journal of the History of Ideas.

Public Engagement and Writing for the Media: I’m continually fascinated by using the media to attempt to present complex ideas to non-specialists audiences and to make an informed, philosophically reflective contribution to public debates in an accessible manner. I was the managing editor of the academic journalism project Figure/Ground Communication ( from 2012 – 2013 and have been published in both The Conversation ( and Newsweek




Metaphor in European Philosophy after Nietzsche: An Intellectual History, Studies In Comparative Literature, 54 (Cambridge: Legenda, 2020), 240.


“How do We Understand Each Other?: The Contemporary Relevance of Cassirer’s and Heidegger’s Historic Disputation at Davos”. In: JHIBlog: the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas (February 2019).


“From the Rational Animal to the Metaphorical Animal: Max Müller, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Metaphor in 19th Century German Thought”. In: JHIBlog: the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas (November 2018).


Online Forum Editor

“Hans Blumenberg and the Concept of Political Myth”. In: JHIBlog: the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas (August 2019).

Writing for the media

“Donald Trump’s Chaotic Use of Metaphor is an Essential Part of his Appeal” (The Conversation; Newsweek)

Analysis of Trump’s Inauguration Speech (The Conversation; The Open University’s Open Learn platform).

“The Language of Political Populism” (The Conversation).

“The Roaring Lion and Dutiful Servant” (The Huffington Post)

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