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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Veselina Dzhumbeva, BA, MA

PhD Student in Comparative Literature



Veselina Dzhumbeva is a PhD student at the Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Galin Tihanov. Her thesis focuses on gender and national identity in the works of the younger generation of Russian women from the Parisian interwar diaspora. The emphasis of her dissertation falls on the novels of Ekaterina Bakunina. Prior to her PhD, Veselina graduated her bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Free University in Berlin, the former in General and Comparative Literature and Film Studies and the latter, in East European Studies with an emphasis on Bulgarian literature and film.


COM5015/COM6015/RUS5015/RUS6015 Modern Russian Literature II: Beyond the Monolith - 2021/22


Research Interests:

Interwar Émigré Writing, National and Gender Identities, Russian Literature of the 20th Century, Bulgarian Modernist Literature, Bulgarian Cinema


‘Ekaterina Bakunina and the Ethical Dilemma of Infidelity’, in *Proceedings of Interdisciplinary Studies of Ethical Literary Criticism: The Second Leading Forum of Ethical Literary Criticism for College Students*, ed. by Sun Yanping and Ren Jie (Hong Kong: Knowledge Hub Publishing Company Limited, 2022), pp. 1–13.

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