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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Jessica Brocklesby, BA, MA


PhD Student in Comparative Literature



Project Title: Sex Tourism and Imperial Masculinity: Sun, Sex and Servility.

My thesis compares a selection of online lived-experience sex tourist narratives with French and Spanish language contemporary erotic fictions to observe the modification of masculinity. It aims to depart from sociological inquiries into sex tourism by focusing on representation to overcome the existing limitations of sex tourist scholarship which reinforces the masculine-feminine binary. The premise of my investigation draws on existing theories of masculinities set out by Connell and Messerschmidt in their various works, embedded deeply into the theoretical core established by the seminal theories of Foucault, Freud, Kristeva and Lacan in shaping and defining the discipline.

Supervisor: Dr Will McMorran


Research Interests:

Sex tourism studies, gender and sexuality studies, masculinity theories, erotic fiction, telenovelas, literature and ethics, literature and philosophy.

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