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School of Economics and Finance

Funding and scholarships

Available funding

MSc Economics Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded purely on the basis of demonstrated potential for academic excellence, assessed via the standard application form used to apply for a place on the MSc Economics programme. There is no separate Scholarship application form.

The potential for excellence will be judged to be demonstrated if the application:

  • Shows that it exceeds our minimum entry requirements by a significant margin and/or otherwise outperforms applicants competing for the scholarships under consideration;
  • Shows excellent performance on specific modules considered relevant and valuable preparation for the programme applied to, e.g. on quantitative and economics/finance module.


In order to be considered for the Scholarship, applications for September 2021 must be received by 01 March 2021.


James Kilvington
Tel: +44(0)20 7882 8848


Coursework Prizes

In 2019/20 the School will make available a number of prizes to reward, in each compulsory module, those students who have excelled in coursework, by achieving the highest overall grade for their MSc programmes.

A prize of £100 will be awarded for the highest midterm/coursework mark per compulsory module. If more than one student achieves the same highest mark, the prize money is split between the students with a minimum of £50 prize. This will include joint programme students.

A prize of £500 will be awarded for the best overall college mark for each MSc Programme. MSc programmes run jointly with another School will not be eligible for the overall prize.

British Council

The main source of funding for overseas students is the British Council – please contact them when applying for your course for more information.

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