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School of Economics and Finance

QUMMIF - Student Investment Fund

Queen Mary MSc Investment Fund (QUMMIF) is a student-managed investment fund, based in the School of Economics and Finance, that currently has responsibility for over £40,000 of investments!


It is one of the only investment clubs of its kind in London, established for postgraduate students interested in obtaining relevant, practical work experience in trading and portfolio analysis.

QUMMIF adopts investment strategies to allocate funds into different asset classes and pursue long-term capital gains. It provides members with tools, teachings and advice necessary to learn about analysing asset classes, sectors and financial markets, allowing students the chance to familiarize themselves with the financial world and apply their academic knowledge of finance and economics to reality, as in many cases the two are very different.

QUMMIF members are also given the opportunity to take part in industry certified training programmes, events and competitions (which include cash prizes) sponsored by the club. QUMMIF thrives in a multicultural student environment and identifies the potential in every member as crucial in achieving the goals and objectives of the club.


Membership is open to all postgraduate students of the School of Economics and Finance. It is an excellent opportunity to acquire financial skills, relevant work experience and knowledge of the financial markets, which will enhance your CV, increase your employability and assist in achieving career goals in any of the avenues related to the financial markets. You can also explore your career options and see whether you would like to be an analyst, trader, or investment banker, or join compliance and corporate law in the future.

Success stories

  • Olga Wolowiec - Hedge Fund Sector Leader in QUMMIF, secured a position at UBS, New York as Business Analyst, Prime Brokerage and Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Francesco Ciriachi - Risk and Performance Analyst at TwentyFour Asset Management LLP London
  • Nick Calafati - Execution Support Analyst - Quadrature Capital LLP, London
  • Gerardo Minich - Investment Analyst, Fixed Income - State Street Bank, London

They were all Investment Analysts at QUMMIF.

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