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School of Economics and Finance

ECOM122 - Applied Finance with Eviews

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Luigi Ventimiglia

The content of the course is:

  1. Evaluate the impact of stock market movements on monetary policies decision through the application of OLS estimator, testing hypotheses and specification tests
  2. Evaluate the stationary properties of variables through the study and the application of unit root tests
  3. Assess the degree of competition in the banking sector and the sensitivity of firm's investments to the amount of cash flow through the usage of appropriate panel data models (both fixed and random and dynamic)
  4. Study the volatility of financial market through the usage of ARCH/GARCH family models
  5. Evaluate the determinants on the probability of a firm of being financially constrained through the application of limited dependent variable models.

There is an overlap of the content in this module and with Empirical Finance (ECOM146), students are therefore unable to take both modules.

Assessment: 100.0% Examination

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