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School of English and Drama

Current and Completed Projects

Current Projects

NameProject TitleFundingSupervisor(s)
Adebayo, Mojisola Afri-Queer Theatre: Challenging Homophobia, Re/presenting Black Lesbians and Creating Performance Spaces for Black Queer Togetherness QMUL Silverstone, Catherine
Bartley, Sarah Art Works: Participatory Practice and (Anti)Work Politics Queen Mary Principal’s Strategic Studentship supporting the Contemporary Theatre Review journal Harvie, Jen and McAvinchy, Caoimhe
Bond, Imogen What is the function of the theatre curtain call for British audiences, and how does it relate to changing ideas of theatre patronage?   Monks, Aoife
Borsuk, Amy Wanting to be Radical: Contemporary ‘Radical’ Shakespeare Theatre Practice   Bridget Escolme
Gomme, Rachel 'Being Here Now': Presence, Present, Presentness in a Live Art Practice AHRC Welton, Martin
Hubbard, Wendy Reading Collaboration: Labour, Community and the Politics of Authorship in Contemporary Theatre AHRC  
Simari, Alessanro Shakespeare's Globes: A History of Shakespearean Theatres from Globe to Globe QMUL  
McCarthy, Lynne The Performance of Waste: Dismantling Spaces of Neoliberalism in Site Specific Art Practices AHRC  
Smith, Kirstin Attention-Seeking Activities: Stunt Performances in Public Life AHRC  
Twite, Christine Cultures of Spectatorship: The Relationship between Dramaturgy, Site, Outreach and Audience in the work of Actors' Touring Company AHRC  
Walters, Ben Duckie in the Community: Performance, Audience and Social Engagement AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award with Duckie and Simon Casson and Dicky Eaton from Duckie
Wiskowski, Andrew Moods, Modes, and Modality: Presence and its Derivatives in Choral and Collective Performance    
Barnes, Sarah The Edge of Music: Exploring the boundaries of sound, space and the body in twenty-first century classical music performance    
Gush, Helen The World Theatre Season: Internationalisation and British performance culture  AHRC CDA McAvinchey, Caoimhe and Dorney, Kate (V & A)
Hunka, Emily Poor Players: the role of theatre troupe artistry in treating adolescent mental distress   and Warfa, Nasir
Young, Martin The Discipline in the British Theatre Industry 1550-2015  QMUL  
Young, Charlotte Interpreting Performance Practices: Signification and Political Efficacy in Performance Scholarship QMUL Michael McKinnie and Shane Boyle
Hamadah, Faisal Between the Social and the Political: The History of Kuwaiti Theatre    
Vranou, Sofia Glamorous Freakiness: Subculture, Sadomasochism and Trans-Queer Embodiment in the Live Art of Leigh Bowery (1983-1994)   Dominic Johnson
Gardini, Genna MS Independent: Writing Womanhood and Multiple Sclerosis   Aoife Monks
Harper, Sarah Inclusion, exclusion and self-censorship : the politics and aesthetics of identity and belonging in applied performance projects in suburbs of Paris and London    Caoimhe McAvinchey
Kijaniza, Tatjana WT: Empty Actions – Unoccupied Centers. Eastern European Underground Performance Art in the Late Socialist Period     Dominic Johnson and Shane Boyle  
Macauley, Vanessa Public Property: Spectacle, (in)Visibility and the Black Female Body  


Weller, Jeremy Doubting Thomas: Redemption, Rehabilitation and Self-Documentation in a Contemporary Performance Trilogy  

Bridget Escolme

Completed Projects

NameProject TitleYear of AwardFundingSupervisor(s)
Anderson, Joel Theatre and Performance Photography: Documentation and the "Unlive" 2008 AHRC Delgado, Maria
Curtis, Harriet Performing Cultural Identities in California: High Performance and the Performance of Paul McCarthy 2014 QMUL Johnson, Dominic
Hancox, Simone Global Art in an Age of Global Performance: Complicity and Critique 2013 AHRC Escolme, Bridget
Bauer, Una Post 1990s Dance Theatre and (the Idea of) the Neutral 2011 London Delgado, Maria
Twitchin, Mischa The Theatre of Death: The Uncanny in Mimesis 2013   Ridout, Nicholas
Breden, Simon Beyond the Playwright: The Creative Process of Els Joglars & Teatro de la Abadia 2009   Delgado, Maria
Brodie, Geraldine Plays in Translation on the London Stage: Visibility, Celebrity, Agency and Collaboration 2012   Delgado, Maria and Hermans, Theo
Linsley, Johanna I Know Something You Don’t Know: Contemporary Performance and the Politics of Expertise 2013 QMUL and ORSAS  
Castelyn, Sarahleigh South African Dance Theatre: The Body as a Site of Struggle 2009 AHRC  
Ceraolo, Francesco The Aesthetics of the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk from Appia to Postdramatic Theatre 2012    
Easton, Léonore Livegraphy Performance Art, Language and the Multiplicity of Sense 2010 AHRC  
Eaton, Kate False Alarms and Fake Excursions: Translating Virgilio Piñero for Performance 2011 AHRC Delgado, Maria
Grochala, Sarah Seriousness, Structure and the Dramaturgy of Social Life 2012 QMUL McKinnie, Michael
Harradine, David Chronographies: Performance, Death and the Writing of Time 2005   Heritage, Paul
Home-Cook, George Stretching Ourselves: The Phenomenology of Sound and Listening in Contemporary Theatre 2013 QMUL Welton, Martin
Kartsaki, Eirini Repeat Repeat: Returns of Performance 2010    
Walsh, Helena Live Art and Femininity in Post-Conflict Ireland: Between Negation and Reproduction, Rebellion and Conformity 2014 AHRC and McAvinchey, Caoimhe
Laera, Margherita Appropriating Greek Tragedy: Community, Democracy and other Mythologies 2010 AHRC Delgado, Maria
Lobel, Brian Playing the Cancer Card: Illness, Performance and Spectatorship 2012 QMUL and Wellcome Trust Silverstone, Catherine and Weaver, Lois
Marini, Charikleia Re-defining Urban Space Through Performance 2013    
McNamara, Catherine The Constitution of Transgender Masculinities through Performance: A Study of Theatre and the Everyday 2009    
Mitas, Jen Work, Emotion and the American Method 2009 QMUL and
Owen, Louise Performing "Risk": Neoliberalization and Contemporary Performance 2010 AHRC and
Wozniak, Jan Emancipating Shakespeare?: Jacques Ranciere and the Politics of Performing Shakespeare for Young People 2014 QMUL Escolme, Bridget
Quirós Alpera, Gabriel Historia de la Dirección Escénica en España: José Luis Alonso 2010   Delgado, Maria and Huerta Calvo, Javier
Reynolds, James Evaluating Performance/Re-evaluating Process: An Investigation into and Reassessment of Robert Lepage's Devised Theatre Practice 2010    
Schmidt, Theron The Politics of Theatricality: Community and Representation in Contemporary Art and Performance 2011 AHRC  
Watt-Smith, Tiffany Flinching: Self-Experimentation and Theatricality, 1872 - 1918 2011 AHRC  
Manninen, Saini Duration Materialised: Investigating Contemporary Performance as a Temporal Medium 2014 AHRC and
Whitfield, Sarah Kurt Weill: The "Composer as Dramatist" in American Musical Theatre Production 2010    
Willson, Suzy Performing Medicine 2011    
Woods, Penelope Globe Audiences: Spectatorship and Reconstruction at Shakespeare's Globe 2011 AHRC  
Sosa, Cecilia Performance, Kinship and Archives: Queering Acts of Mourning in the Aftermath of Argentina's 1976-1983 Dictatorship 2012 ORSAS and QMUL Delgado, Maria and
  Possible Fictions: The Testimony of Applied Performance with Women in Prisons in England and Brazil 2006 AHRC and Delgado, Maria
Macdonald, Megan Performance Art, Liturgy and the Performance of Belief 2012 AHRC and
Edkins, Timothy Feeling Productive 2013 AHRC  
Zechner, Manuela The World we Desire is one we can Create and Care for Together 2014 QMUL , and Bove, Arianna (School of Business and Management)
Smith, Anne The Possibilities and Limitations of using Drama to Facilitate a Sense of Belonging for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in East London 2013    
Allwood, Charlie The Gran Teatre del Liceu and Catalan Culture: History, Representation and Myth 2013 AHRC Delgado, Maria
Leighton-Kelly, Sophie The Barbican: Performance, the City and Transnationalism 2014 AHRC  
Livergant, Elyssa Workshop: The Dramaturgy of Theatrical Labour 2014 University of London  
Wilson, Anna Argentine Theatre in Twenty-first Century Barcelona: Cultural Exchange and (Trans)national Identities 2014 AHRC Delgado, Maria
Baker, Sylvan Training UK Cultural Warriors: Youth Leadership Through the Arts 2015 AHRC  
Bell, Charlotte Social Housing Performed: Community arts interventions in East London 2015 QMUL  
Diestro-Dópido, Mar Film Festivals: Cinema and Cultural Exchange 2015 AHRC Delgado, Maria
Graziano, Valeria Formats of Conviviality: The Organisation of Collective Agency in a Time of Impasse 2015 QMUL  
Hilevaara, Katja Memory and Contemporary Performance: Remembering is the New Live 2015 QMUL  
Oliver, Daniel The Social Turn: Engagement and Efficacy in Contemporary Performance 2016 QMUL  
Fallow, Catriona Past and Present Plays: New Work at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe 2016 QMUL Catherine Silverstone
Thomasson, Sarah Festival Cities: Edinburgh and Adelaide 2015 QMUL  
Holstein, Lauren The Agency of the Displayed Female Body: The Political Potential of Negative Affects in Contemporary Feminism and Performance 2016 QMUL Dominic Johnson
Mullan, Sarah Lesbian Performance in London 1995-2015: Identity, Representation and Queer Epistemologies 2017   Catherine Silverstone
Roberts, Eleanor Third Area: A Feminist Reading of Performance at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts in the 1970s 2016   Dominic Johnson
Mader McGuinness, Caoimhe Challenging Liberal Conceptions of the Theatrical Sphere in London, 2009-2015 2017   Catherine Silverstone and Nicholas Ridout
Massie, Eleanor Amateurs and Professionals: A Circum-Atlantic Genealogy of Performer Identity 2017   Nicholas Ridout
Bennett, Emma Just Joking: Speech, Performance and Ethics 2017    
Birksted-Breen, Noah Alternative Voices in an Acquiescent Society: The New Wave of Russian Playwrights 2017 AHRC CDA Delgado, Maria, and Andreas Schönle
Church, Lewis Hating Discipline: The Polymath and the Academy 2017 QMUL  
Jones, Bret A Question of Taste: Theatrical and Cultural Continuity in Seventeenth Century England   AHRC  
Nicholson-Sanz, Michelle On Ports and Stages: Destabilising Cultural Identities through a Lingua Franca Theatre in Latin America   QMUL Delgado, Maria
Oxley, Rachel Taking Turns: The Structuring of ‘Togetherness’   QMUL  
Watkinson, Philip Making Space for Affect: Affective Materialism and Contemporary Performance   AHRC