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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences


On arrival in SBCS you must receive an induction as soon as possible, given by the health and safety manager, for the floor on which you will be based. 

These are: 





G.E. Fogg 1st floor Teaching labs 

Joanna Szular 

Teaching Technician Manager

G.E. Fogg 1st floor admin

G.E. Fogg 2nd floor

Simona Deduchova 

Psychology Department Laboratories Manager

G.E. Fogg 3rd floor admin

Sam Court 

Buildings Manager

G.E. Fogg 3rd floor lab

Sian Cooper 

Research Laboratory Manager

G.E. Fogg 4th floor

Petra Ungerer 

Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratories Manager

G.E. Fogg 5th floor

Philip Howard 

Organismal Biology Laboratories Manager

G.E. Fogg 6th floor

Ian Sanders 

Organismal Analytical Laboratories Manager

Joseph Priestley (JP) ground floor 

Yumiko Tashiro 

Biochemistry Laboratories Manager

Joseph Priestley (JP) 1st floor 


Chemistry Research Laboratories Manager 


During your induction you should be informed of: 

  • Fire safety and local policies 
  • Risk assessments 
  • Accident reporting and first aid 
  • DSE use 

Additional training courses are organised through the Health and Safety Directorate (HSD). Your inductor will inform you of mandatory training courses relevant to you.   

To find out which courses are available and to book, follow the training/E-learning tab on the HSD website. 

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