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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Finance and purchasing

Staff expenses

Please refer to the QMUL travel and expenses procedures before filling out the staff expense claim form.  Failure to adhere to the procedures could lead to expenses not being reimbursed.  Please contact SBCS Finance and Stores if you need any clarification on the procedures. 


If you require insure for your travel, then please refer to the QMUL pages on travel insurance.  Please note that 2016/17 insurance policy has changed from previous years. 

Online ordering

  1. You should never place an order directly with a supplier without first obtaining an order number using the procedure outlined below.   
  2. Only orders of a value less than £2,000 can be placed using this procedure.
  3. If you are not the grant or budget code holder, orders will only be placed if:
    (a) The grant or budget code holder has previously signed a consent form to allow you to spend to the value of the order, and this has been submitted to the Finance team or (b) Your completed purchase requisition is sent via e-mail to the budget holder, who, in forwarding it to the relevant e-mail address (detailed below), will indicate their authorisation.
  4. Orders for radioisotopes must be pre-authorised and the Finance team notified of the type and maximum amount of radioactivity you are permitted to purchase.

Instructions for online ordering

Complete, save and send the form as an attachment in an e-mail to:

Please include quotes where applicable. 

For purchase order number requests email (if you are based in the Fogg building)  or (if you are based in the Joseph Priestley building).
If the value of your order has not been pre-authorised by the budget holder (see note 3 above), add the authoriser's name to Section 1 and e-mail them the completed form. You should specify which e-mail address (listed above) they should forward the form to.
We aim to place orders (or provide order numbers) within 24-48 hours of your request being received by the purchasing team..

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