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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Emergency Procedures

In the case of an incident that requires the emergency services dial (9)999 and give the address of the building as: Fogg Building – Bancroft Road E1 4NS 

Also call QMUL emergency number 3333 on an internal phone, or 020 7882 3333 from a mobile. State your exact location and the nature of the emergency. 

All incidents, near misses or dangerous occurrences must be reported to the QM Health and Safety Directorate. This can be done online

The person suffering the accident or observing the near miss should complete a report form as soon as possible. However, in the case of an accident, if the person involved is unable to complete the form themselves, then their manager/colleague/first aider should do so. 

First Aid 

If you require a first aider dial 3333 and your nearest first aider will be contacted. If an ambulance is required dial (9)999. 

First aid boxes are located in laboratories throughout the building. These are replenished by first aiders but if you notice that there is something missing please notify the relevant first aider. In the Fogg building the first aiders are: 

1st floor: Hilary Beck 

2nd floor: Simona Deduchova 

3rd floor: Sian Cooper 

4th floor: Petra Ungerer/Ruth Rose 

6th floor: Ian Sanders 

Fire Safety 

It is compulsory for all staff to complete an online Fire Safety Awareness module and quiz as soon as possible after starting and then every two years. This is accessed via QM Plus. The following document gives guidance on how to log in to the module: 

QM Plus Fire Safety Awareness Guidance 

As soon as possible after starting, staff and students should arrange a fire safety induction with their lab/floor manager. You will be shown the locations of fire call points, extinguishers, blankets, evacuation routes and actions to take. 

On discovery of a fire, immediately raise the alarm by pressing your nearest fire call point.  

Upon hearing the alarm, make safe what you are doing then make your way to your nearest fire evacuation route, leaving behind personal belongings. The meeting point for the Fogg building is Geography Square. You should wait there until you are told by the fire marshals that it is safe to return to the building. 

If you are aware that you will need special assistance in the event of a fire alarm, please make your Safety Coordinator aware at the earliest opportunity so that a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) can be agreed with you. 

Fire extinguishers are available throughout the building but should only be used by those trained and confident to do so. Training can be obtained through the QM Health and Safety Directorate.  

Local fire marshals in Fogg are: 

Ground – Emma Gammage

1st floor – Valentina Rapisarda and Sarah Louise Lawrence (mon/thurs only)

2nd floor – Simona Deduchova and Claudinei Biazolli

3rd floor – Sam Court and Robert Say

4th floor – Petra Ungerer and Ruth Rose  

5th floor – Chloe Economou and Robert Hayward 

6th floor – Ian Sanders and Chris Eizaguirre 


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