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Whitechapel, Floyer House

7 Small Single Standard Rooms
72 Single Standard Rooms
53 Large Single Standard Rooms
10 Extra Large Single Standard Rooms
3 Extra Extra Large Single Standard Rooms
4 Basic Twin Standard Rooms

*Please note that all rooms in Floyer House have shared communal bathrooms

N.B - The virtual tour below is an example of a 'Large Single Standard' and 'Large Twin' rooms


  • Situated within the Whitechapel Campus
  • Ideally located to the Royal London Hospital
  • Traditional style hall
  • Utility bills included
  • Room type variables to suit all budgets
  • Room size:  - Single Small (under 9 sqm), Single Standard (approx. 9-11 sqm), Single Large (approx. 11-15 sqm), Single Extra Large (approx. 16-21 sqm) and Single Ex Extra Large/Twin room (approx. 25 sqm)
  • Single Sex option available
  • Communal garden
  • Internet connection in all rooms
  • All rooms are heated and carpeted
  • Washbasins in the majority of rooms
  • Room furnishings: bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, bookshelves, pin boards, desk lamp, mini-fridge, curtains, smoke detectors
  • Fitted kitchen with furnished dining area or breakfast bar
  • Kitchen equipment: oven/hob, freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, ironing board, heat detectors
  • Shared communal bathrooms: bath, shower, toilet (ratio approximately 1:5)
  • Cleaning service: communal areas daily (Mon to Fri) and kitchens weekly.
  • Launderette and ironing rooms
  • Security patrols
  • Residential Welfare cover
  • No rooms specifically designed for wheelchair users
  • No lifts

For information on cost, please refer to our fees page.

Floyer House - Campus Location

Floyer House to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (Whitechapel) - Directions

Floyer House to Charthouse Square - Directions

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