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Queen Mary Academy
A computer screen

Be digitally fluent

Digital fluency is a core graduate skill as well as a key employability skill.

How can you develop and demonstrate this attribute at Queen Mary?

Students work at a row of computers

  • Use digital resources to research a topic
  • Explore use of AI to support your learning
  • Use computer programming to model and solve problems / produce results
  • Learn, communicate and collaborate using digital platforms
  • Use online Library tools
  • Use software such as ArcGIS, Python, BAGS, RStudio, Eviews

How might this attribute be assessed or evaluated?

  • Coursework or exams requiring use of computer software
  • Literature review, bibliographies
  • Participation in webinars / online meetings or discussions
  • Completing online activities in QMplus
  • Online / recorded presentations
  • Interviews / assessment centres

What kinds of interview questions could I be asked that relate to this attribute?

  • What are your key digital skills strengths and how do you think you could use them in this role?
  • How would you define digital citizenship?
  • What do you think the impact of AI will be on this industry/sector?
  • What challenges have you encountered while working on digital projects and how did you tackle these?

How can you use attributes and skills gained from your Queen Mary course, extra-curricular opportunities and work experience to answer these kinds of questions? 


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