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Throughout the year, we host workshops and events for students on various aspects of academic and research skills.

Our workshops are hosted either in person at a London Campus or on MS Teams or Zoom.

See the calendar below for all current workshops.


Why go to a workshop? 

  • Learn new skills 
  • Follow up academic and research skills you are curious about 
  • Practice academic and research skills in an interactive environment 
  • Get feedback from peers and tutors

Some workshops are offered to unique audiences, such as PhD students or a specific Faculty, while other workshops is open to everyone. 

We run special programmes of workshops at particular times of year, e.g. to support new students, dissertations and revision.

The workshops usually need registration, please make sure your read carefully how to join.


The fact that as soon as we learnt something, we followed it up with a method of consolidation (in the form of an activity, quiz etc.) … allowed us to understand if we truly understand the content being taught
— Undergraduate Dentistry student

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