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School of Mathematical Sciences

School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary launches new research seminar on Mathematical Modelling for Biology, Health, and Environment

The Mathematical Modelling for Biology, Health, and Environment seminar will run on Monday afternoons during term time from 15:00 – 16:00 UK time. It is open to anyone who has an interest in how mathematics can be used to advance interdisciplinary scientific research. 


Behind many brilliant breakthroughs, there is a brilliant mathematician. In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the application of mathematical and computational techniques to academic research and real-world situations. Mathematical modelling allows us to understand complex behaviours, providing researchers with reliable tools to simulate, analyse and predict events or behaviours. It is a fascinating area of interdisciplinary research, and The Mathematical Modelling for Biology, Health, and Environment seminar will show the vital role Mathematics plays in modern scientific investigation.  

Spearheaded by a team of five researchers from the School of Mathematical Sciences, Natasha Blitvic, Weini Huang, Silvia Liverani, Rainer Klages and Kostas Papafitsoros, this seminar is a strategic move by the School to open a dialogue with researchers from other fields. It will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, not only between different Schools and Institutes across Queen Mary, but among the wider research community. The complex problems we face today require an interdisciplinary approach and it is often at the interface of two disciplines that the most important discoveries are made.  

We asked one of the seminar organisers, Dr Natasha Blitvic, Reader in Mathematical Sciences, what kind of speakers we could expect to see over the coming months: 

You should expect lots of variety and many productive and collegiate discussions. We're a team of five organisers from the School of Mathematical Sciences and we have different mathematical and modelling interests, sitting at different points of the spectrum from pure to applied mathematics. We will feature modelling work by mathematical biologists, statisticians, data scientists, applied mathematicians and pure mathematicians, but also talks by colleagues from biology, health research, and environmental research. They will share their work with us and highlight emerging modelling opportunities. Every talk will be geared to non-experts, so come along if you like to learn new things and if you're looking to develop new collaborations in a friendly environment. 

These talks will showcase the groundbreaking work that underpins Queen Mary’s research highways, demonstrating how mathematics and mathematicians can help us answer the big questions that affect us all: the sustainability of the planet; our digital future; people's health and well-being; communication, creativity, and culture.  

A list of confirmed talks can be found here and interested speakers should contact Natasha Blitvic , Weini Huang or Kostas Papafitsoros 

For a full list of research seminars organised by the School of Mathematical Sciences, please visit our Research Seminars webpage 



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