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School of Mathematical Sciences

Academics from the School of Mathematical Sciences win education award for innovative curriculum development

Congratulations to Sebastian del Bano Rollin, Lei Fang, Melania Nica and Pedro Vergel, who won the Faculty Education Award for their innovative work to transform the maths curriculum at Queen Mary. Our three new masters programmes, launching in September 2024, focus heavily on building the data analysis skills that our students need to future proof their careers. 


Lei Fang, Melania Nica, Pedro Vergel 

Our programmes are always developed in line with industry needs. These new masters degrees show our commitment to building a workforce that has the analytical, computational and statistical skills to tackle the issues our society faces today. 

We’re not your average Maths Department 

Our three new programmes focus on the real-world applications of mathematical and data science, and how we can harness tools to analyse data, measure risk, optimise processes, and accelerate scientific breakthroughs. Employers globally need people with strong numerical, analytical and computational skills and we have an important role to play in training these individuals. 

Read more about our three new masters courses developed by Sebastian del Bano Rollin, Lei Fang, Melania Nica and Pedro Vergel below.

MSc Actuarial Science and Data Analytics 

What makes this programme special? Melania has developed a masters degree that blends the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to succeed as modern actuary. Not only has she developed modules and projects consistent with the IFoA Core Practices, but she has also made sure students will graduate with the programming and machine learning skills employers look for. 

MSc Risk Analytics 

What makes this programme special? Lei has carefully designed an MSc in Risk Analytics that is accessible to students from all backgrounds. Starting from scratch, they’ll build the essential analytical and statistical skills to measure and predict risk in a wide range of scenarios. Lei is passionate about sustainability and has developed a stream to train students in sustainability and climate risk.   

MSc Applied Statistics and Data Science 

What makes this programme special? When developing new modules, the team really looked at what industry needed, and you’ll see some exciting modules such as Biostatistics and Medical Statistics. Again, this programme is that perfect blend of theoretical and practical skills. We want our students to have a solid understanding of the mathematics and statistics that underpins modern data science so that they’re always ready to pivot and adapt in our rapidly changing world. 

Want to learn more about the MSc programmes that won them the award? 

Click the links below to see how we're transforming what it means to be a university maths department. 

MSc Actuarial Science and Data Analytics

MSc Applied Statistics and Data Science

MSc Risk Analytics 




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