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The School of Mathematical Sciences has been involved in and has supported many different projects which have produced resources for teaching mathematics and highlighting career opportunities for mathematics graduates. You can access many resources from this page.

Where the Maths You Learn is Used

This booklet looks at the impact of mathematics beyond the subject itself and provides a clear link from the syllabus to applications in a range of different industries. It is hoped therefore that provides extra impetus for students in their studies and starts to provide some thoughts to how a student will want to one day use his/her mathematics degree. This was developed for undergraduate students, but the content is accessible for A-level students. View the booklet here:

You can explore the topics from the book further by clicking here.

What Employers Want Films

This series of videos came into the same project as the “Where the Maths You Learn is Used” booklet. A range of employers talk about their experiences and offer advice to mathematics undergraduates. They can be viewed online here:

We are grateful to the Institute of Maths and its Applications and the HE STEM programme for their support.

Mathematical Magic

Mathematics and magic may seem a strange combination, but many of the most powerful magical effects performed today have a mathematical basis. Maths is also the secret behind the technologies we use, the products we buy and the jobs we do. Written jointly by our former Mathematics Fellow Matt Parker and the late Professor of Computer Science Peter McOwan, the Manual gives young mathematicians the chance to be creative, finding new ways to solve problems and discovering the key to the perfect magic trick. Along the journey they will also uncover the skills of a good mathematician, one with the useful employment skills you get from being good at mathematics.

Resources can be downloaded here: is external)



This is a guide for sixth form students to aid them in their university choices. It covers mathematics in addition to other science and engineering subjects. You can download all the issues below as PDFs.

Issue 2 [PDF 176KB]

Issue 3 [PDF 159KB]

Issue 4 [PDF 164KB]

Smartphone Apps

We have collated a list of Smartphone Apps relating to Mathematics which can be accessed here.