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School of Mathematical Sciences

We Solve Problems

The School of Mathematical Sciences has teamed up with We Solve Problems to bring fun and engaging maths activities to our local communities.

Maths Circles

Maths Circles are training sessions that promote the art of problem-solving and structured thinking. Weekly Maths Circles are embellished with Maths Battles twice a semester - mathematical debating competitions between opposing teams with the emphasis on collaborative working.

Students and tutors working together at a Maths Circle

The curriculum of Maths Circles is complementary to that of secondary schools and aimed at pupils in years 7-11. Participation is free of charge. The sessions will be conducted at the School of Mathematical Sciences of QMUL. The programme is funded by the charity, WeSolveProblems.

To register your interest in Maths Circles, please fill out this form

If you have any questions regarding Maths Circles, Maths Battles or We Solve Problems, please contact We Solve Problems

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