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Mile End Library first floor, computer room

Queen Mary University of London has three libraries across its UK campuses: Mile End, Whitechapel and West Smithfield.

Mile End Library houses a large collection of multi-disciplinary materials.

Whitechapel and West Smithfield libraries cover all aspects of Medicine and Dentistry.

Students are free to use any site library regardless of their discipline.

All Queen Mary Libraries house an extensive collection of books as well as journals, both electronic and print, plus a range of services to support learning and research across all areas of the University.

There is a wide range of study spaces across our campuses, ranging from quiet reading rooms in our Libraries, to busier spaces in academic and QMSU buildings. For a full list, please visit the Study spaces across campus page.

For more information regarding our campuses, please visit the How to Find Us page.

Queen Mary Libraries offer a wide variety of facilities and study areas designed to suit all learning styles.

Services we offer

  • Over 2,000 study spaces and 400 open-access PCs across all three libraries
  • Dedicated areas for individual study
  • 13 bookable group study rooms
  • Bookable study spaces. Help guide to booking spaces available below in separate drop down.
  • Dedicated Postgraduate Reading Room
  • Assistive Technology Room for visually impaired users
  • Flexible borrowing arrangements, including automatic renewals for up to 12 months and increased borrowing allowances to suit individual needs.

Behaviour Policy

Students who use any of the facilities within the library are expected to comply with library rules and be considerate of other students in the same study space. If you would like to report any disturbances, please let the Library Staff at the Welcome Desk know.

Any users whose behavior is deemed unacceptable by a member of library or security staff; they may be asked to leave the premises.

Food and Drink Policy

During normal study use in the libraries and library-managed spaces, covered hot drinks and bottled cold drinks are permitted; cold food only may be consumed. Please be mindful of other users of the space by clearing rubbish and food/drinks spills immediately.

Please note, hot food is not permitted anywhere in the libraries and library-managed study spaces.

Cleaning Policy

Regular cleaning is scheduled and maintained for all Queen Mary Libraries and library-managed study spaces.

Please help us to maintain a clean study environment by using our general waste disposal bins and mixed recycling bins, both of which are located throughout the Library buildings.

If there are any issues, please let the Library Staff at the Welcome Desk know.

Lost Property Policy

The Library accepts no responsibility for the security of personal belongings left in the Library. More advice on personal safety is available from the Security website.

The Library does not keep any items of lost property onsite. Any items of lost property will be handed to Queen Mary's Security team, therefore, please check with them in the first instance. They are based in Ground Floor, Queen's Building, Mile End Campus and Garrod Building, Room G.07, Whitechapel Campus.

Fire Safety Procedure

  • In the event of the fire alarm sounding:
  • Leave the building immediately using the nearest available fire exit
  • Do not use the lift
  • Follow the instructions by the Fire Marshall or staff to go to your assembly point (Mile End Library – Geography Square; Whitechapel Library - Blizard Mews; West Smithfield Library – The Square by the fountain)
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so by the Fire Marshalls or staff

If you discover a fire:

  • Raise the alarm by shouting ‘FIRE’
  • Operate the nearest fire alarm call point
  • Leave the building quickly and calmly by the nearest fire exit

Remember to take regular breaks and seek help if you have any issues with your wellbeing whilst at Queen Mary.

Resources and Support

  • Student Experience Directorate Student Wellbeing Hub provides a diverse range of services and support for both students and staff across the university. Services include Advice & Counselling, Dignity & Respect, Disability & Dyslexia, Faith and Music.
  • Student Health Service is a free health service provided by Globe Town Surgery for students living on campus or in the borough of Tower Hamlets.
  • The Academic Skills Team offer guidance on anything study-related including assignments and exam preparation, referencing and academic integrity.
  • The Study Well campaign designed by Queen Mary Students’ Union helps students look after their health and wellbeing during exam season.
  • Dedicated collection of wellbeing books located in the Teaching Collection, Mile End Library. A small collection on these topics is available also at Whitechapel Library.

Don’t forget, your Library Services team is always here to help. Drop us an email on, and we will do our best to support you during your studies.

Personal Safety 

If you are planning on studying late, you should consider and plan your journey home before you leave the Library. For tips on how to look after your personal safety please see the Queen Mary Security Personal Security webpages.

Safety of your personal belongings

It is your responsibility to look after your belongings.

Please do not leave your personal belongings, including laptops, unattended for any length of time, even if it’s just to get a book out or grab a coffee. If you do lose anything, have your belongings stolen, or notice any suspicious behavior, please report this to Library Staff and contact Security as soon as possible. For further guidance, please see the Lost or Stolen Items Advice Guide.

Out of Hours

All three libraries will be staffed by Security outside of regular Library staffing hours. For more detailed information about the opening hours of each library and library-managed study space please check the our Opening Hours webpage or our socials for any further updates.

Please treat the security team with respect and courtesy. They are unable to check Library accounts or answer circulation queries. If you have any problems taking out a book, logging into an e-resource or with your account please contact Library staff by emailing and your email will be dealt with as soon as possible during staffed hours.

Self-Service during Out of Hours

During Self-Service hours (outside of library staffing hours), please ensure that you have your Queen Mary University/ Alumni / Visitor / SCONUL ID card/s to gain access to the library buildings.

Users who do not have a valid ID card will not be allowed entry into the buildings after hours.


Security will patrol the Library at regular intervals throughout the opening times. They will be checking that users are being considerate of their colleagues and using the library for study purposes only. If required, please be prepared to produce your ID card.


i. Up to 14hrs in a single booking
ii. Spaces are bookable up to 7 days in advance
iii. Available study spaces highlighted in blue; unavailable study spaces highlighted in red.
iv. Variety of study spaces available
     o Silent
     o Quiet
     o Group
     o Desktop/PC
v. Accessible and charging icons displayed

How to Book a Study Space Guide

In some areas you need to book a study space. All students are welcome to use the LibCal software to create a booking and reserve a study space during the busy exam period. Spaces are bookable up to seven days in advance but must be made in advance of entry and you must check-in within 30mins of the start time to confirm your attendance. Bookings default to 1-hour slots but users can increase this to suit.

You can find the step-by-step guide on how to book a study space below. If you require any further assistance, please contact us at

Step 1: Library Website Link 

Search for ‘QMUL Library’ in your internet browser to first navigate to our Library website ( Once you have navigated to the homepage, scroll down and select the ‘Book a study space’ link.

Library Homepage screenshot with book a study space

Step 2: Select a Library-Managed Space 

You should be able to see an overview of the study spaces available to book. Please use the links at the bottom of the screen to select which library-managed space you would like to reserve. 

LibCal select a library managed space screenshot

Step 3: Book a Study Space

Using the dropdown lists at the top, select the location of where you would like to book a study space within the chosen

LibCal book a study space screenshot

Step 4: Finding an available Study Space

Available study spaces will be highlighted in blue, and unavailable study spaces in red. Additional symbols will indicate power supply and height adjustable desks. If there is no slot available on the date and time you wish to book, please check another area from the Category drop down list. You can use the arrow buttons under the date to check availability on alternative days and times. 

LibCal finding an available space screenshot

Step 5: Your Booking

Once you have selected your preferred time, your slot will be highlighted in yellow. Please use the drop-down list at the bottom of the screen to select how long you would like to use the study space for. 

LibCal your booking screenshot

Step 6: Submitting Your Booking

Once you are happy with your booking times, scroll down and click on the button titled ‘Submit Times’.

LibCal submitting your booking screenshot

Step 7: Identity Check

To confirm your booking, please insert your QMUL IT credentials. Your credentials are the same as your QMplus log in details (e.g., username: ab12345 and your password). 

ID verification gateway screenshot

Step 8: Accept Terms and Conditions

You will be prompted with a screen outlining your booking details and the terms and conditions. Once you have read the terms and conditions, scroll to the bottom and click ‘continue’. 

LibCal terms and conditions of booking

Step 9: Finalise Your Booking

To complete your booking, please provide the required details onscreen and click on the ‘Submit my booking’ button. An email confirmation will be sent to your QMUL email and will include a link to cancel your booking.

LibCal finalise your booking screenshot

Step 10: Check-in and check-out. 

To avoid losing your study space, don’t forget to check-in up to 15mins before the start time and up to 30mins after the start time. If you are finished using the space, you can rescan to release the booking slot for another user. 

QR code scan example


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