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Security and Business Continuity

Lost and Found

Lost Property

If you have lost something at the QMUL, please contact the Security Control Room at your campus, this will increase the chances of your getting reunited with the item should it be found.  If the item has not been handed in, the Security Service will produce a lost property report that can be referred to by your insurance company, if you make a claim. We will keep your contact details and a description of the lost property on file in case the item is handed in later. 

If an item has been stolen, you should also report it to the Police. Always take a note of a crime/incident number, which will be useful for any insurance claims or investigations. 

Found Property

Please take all found property to the Security Control Room at your campus where it will be logged in our database. We keep found property for three months prior to disposal. Unclaimed items are given to charity. Should there be any identifying features on the item we will, of course, attempt to find and contact the owner. 

Reducing the impact

To reduce the impact of the loss of specific items such as keys, mobile phones, travelcards or credit cards, please follow the advice in our dedicated leaflet Lost or Stolen Items Advice [PDF 173KB] from Queen Mary Security Service, also available in hard copy from the Security Control Rooms. 

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