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Security and Business Continuity

About Us

At Queen Mary, we're proud to have such a diverse Security Team taking care of our safety and security on campus.   

You may not have thought about it before but did you know that your Security Team contribute to the diverse community we have here at Queen Mary? 

No? Well, here are some other facts you might not have known about the Security Department.

  • They come from a wide range of countries and together, speak 23 languages!
An image showing a list of diverse languages
An image showing a list of diverse languages
  • Two-thirds of the team belong to minority ethnic groups

There is a wide range of ages, with some really long-serving members of staff. Some Security Officers have been with the University for 20 years! 

  • 25% of the team are female (the industry average is 9%)



Remember, Security Services operate 24/7/365 from the three Control Rooms in Mile End, Whitechapel and Charterhouse Square. Their main focus is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors. But don't forget, there are things YOU can do to help to ensure our campuses are safe and secure, take a look

Next time you're on campus, be sure to give us a wave!

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