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Security and Business Continuity

Campus Security

Campus Security - John and Michael
Campus Security - John and Michael

Suspicious Behaviour

Please report any suspicious behaviour at QMUL to Security Department by dialling 020 7882 3333

Security Department uses a number of technical and procedural means to ensure safety and security on the campus. The main ones are:

  • CCTV – comprehensive, digital system operating in accordance with GDPR principles, please see the CCTV policy [PDF 392KB] for more details.
  • Body-worn cameras – to ensure the safety and security of responding officers and to collect high-quality evidence.
  • Access control – more information is available here.
  • Radio communication – for rapid deployment of officers.
  • Intruder alarms – to automate protection of buildings, especially hour of hours.
  • Regular external and internal patrols.


Please carry your student/staff ID card with you at all times while on QMUL’s campuses. You might be asked to present your card to verify your identity and authority to access certain areas. More information regarding ID cards is available on Access Control.

Tailgating happens when you open a door with your own card but you then allow others to come through behind you without using theirs. While holding a door open for somebody might be a polite thing to do, allowing an unknown person to the halls of residences or research facilities can have very serious consequences.  Challenge anyone trying to tailgate behind you if you feel comfortable doing so, alternatively contact Security from a safe location by dialling 020 7882 3333.

Bicycle theft remains a prevalent crime in London. In order to reduce the risk of your bicycle being stolen, follow these simple tips: park your bicycle in well-lit areas, always lock your bicycle with two good quality locks (at least one being a D-lock type), position your bicycle as close to the parking stand as possible, remove any removable bits, register (in a national database), record (taking detailed images and noting specific characteristics) and mark (using an etching kit or asset marking) your bike. The best solution is to make your bicycle appear less attractive (by applying slightly crazy stickers, duct tape to a seat or handlebars or creative paint colour combinations imitating dirt).  You might also want to consider insuring your bicycle. More advice is available on our Bicycle Security page.

Do not leave your valuable items such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, wallets unattended in public spaces. Be also aware of the risk of “table surfing” with criminals using distraction techniques, to cover with maps or handwritten notes, valuable items left on tables in cafes, libraries or learning facilities.

While quite rare, there have been incidents of mobile phones being snatched by criminals on bicycles or mopeds mounting the pavement on routes between QMUL campuses and transport hubs. The Police issued the following guidelines to protect your phone against this type of crime.

If you live in QMUL Residences and expect a courier delivery that you will be unable to accept in person, consider arranging for it to be delivered to either local pick up lockers or one of the pick-up stores outside the campus. This will ensure your parcel is not left in common areas where it can be at risk of being misplaced or stolen.

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