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Library Search improvements

January 2022: Changes to Library Search and Inter-Library Loan requests

From Monday 17 January 2022 we will be making improvements to Library Search. These will include:

  • Easier access to full-text results
  • Default settings to reduce non-full-text materials such as citations and indexes (these will still be accessible via advanced search options)
  • Redesign of the Library Search interface
  • Improved inter-library loan functionalities

The first change, effective from Monday 17 January, will involve the inter-library loan service. From this date:

  • Queen Mary staff and students should request inter-library loans using the updated Inter-Library Loan self-service request page on the Library Services website

  • The Inter-library loan request button will no longer appear next to item results in Library Search (previously, this button was a way to submit inter-library loan requests).

This is in preparation for an easier Inter-Lending service that will speed up the delivery time for material such as chapters and articles. 

Why are we making these changes?

These changes are part of a series of improvements scheduled to be completed by Summer 2022 and are aimed to enhance the overall experience of Library Services.

Getting Help

For more information about the improved inter-library loan functionalities visit the Inter-Library Loans Service webpages, or email  We will also be providing more information on the improved services nearer to go-live.





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